Madagascar S Tsingy Lands Location Facts History Madagascar

Madagascar's Tsingy Lands

Imagine a miniature lost world, at the top of a limestone cliff more than 600ft (180m) high. A world of razor-sharp rock spires up to 100ft (30m) tall, where the toughest boots are torn to shreds in minutes and a single ...
East Africa S Soda Lakes Location Facts Africa

East Africa's Soda Lakes: Flamingos Natural Haven

Lake Magadi - Soda Lake lies in remote, semidesert surroundings where the daytime temperature rises to 38°C(100°F) and is thick with soda. Natron, which often glows blotchy pink, is marginally milder but larger - 40 miles (64km) long and 10 miles ...
Congo River Location Facts Africa

Congo River: A Magic Moving Living Part Of The Very Earth Itself

Countless tributaries swell the great Congo River on its long curve to the Atlantic from grasslands on the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia. They drain an area of rainforest and high grassland roughly the size of India. ...
List Of Shiva Temples Outside India

List of Shiva Temples Outside India

Shiva is worshipped in many forms and many places. He is worshiped as a primary deity by the people of India and Nepal, he is also worshiped as an important aspect of the Hindu religion, and is considered the supreme lord ...
Mackenzie Delta Location Facts Canada

Mackenzie Delta: One Of The Arteries That Make The Lifeline Of Our Planet

For nearly six months of the year, the Mackenzie Delta on the Northwest coast of Canada is barely recognisable as a river delta. It is blanketed by an icy mantle that merges its islands and waterways with the frozen coastal plain. ...
Mount Katmai Location Facts Alaska

Mount Katmai: A Sleeping Giant

Few of the great news stories of the early 20th century enjoyed such immediate reportage as the Katmai mountain story. On the steamship, Dora, bound for the port of Kodiak on Kodiak Island. Alaska, on June 6, 1912, the captain logged, ...
Victoria Falls Location Facts Africa

Victoria Falls: Waterfall That Roars Like Thunder

Approached from the north, the Victoria Falls announce themselves as a cloud of vapour hurled, grumbling loudly at its own immensity, into the African sky. A local tribe gave the falls the name Mosi-oa-Tunya - 'The smoke that thunders'. Soaring 1600ft ...
Etosha Pan Location Facts Namibia

Etosha Pan: A Heavenly Inferno

This eerie wasteland of salt-encrusted clay stretching away to distant horizons is known to the Ovambo people who live there as Etosha - 'the lake of mirages' or 'the place of dry water. Seen from the air it appears ...
Tassili N Ajjer Location Facts Algeria

Tassili N'Ajjer: Once A Land Of Plenty

The well-equipped come by light aircraft. The less so, or the more adventurous, approach the great wall of Algeria's Tassili mountains by four-wheel-drive truck, crossing gravel, rock and shifting sand where the air shudders above a ground temperature that can reach ...
Kalahari Desert African Plateau South Africa

Kalahari Desert: Nature's Timeless Masterpiece

Just beyond the grey gravel plains of northern-western South Africa, the land tilts gently down to reveal one of Nature's timeless masterpieces: an ancient sea of apricot-coloured sand that rolls on apparently forever. This is the Kalahari, an enormous plain on ...
Skeleton Coast Namibia Namib Desert The Coast Of Hell Location And Tales

Skeleton Coast: The Most Dangerous Coastline In The World

A wilderness of white sand lies between the ancient Namib Desert and the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean in Africa. 'The coast of hell' Portuguese seafarers called this stretch of Namibia's shoreline. Now it is far-famed as the Skeleton Coast. ...
Unesco World Heritage Sites Why Are They So Few In Africa

UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Why Are They So Few In Africa?

This year, eight mosques in northern Ivory Coast and Ivindo National Park in Gabon have landed one of the coveted places on UNESCO's World Heritage List. In addition to the two sites in Africa, the responsible committee at its 44th session ...

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