Tassili N Ajjer Location Facts History Algeria

Tassili N'Ajjer: Land Of Plenty

The well-equipped come by light aircraft. The less so, or the more adventurous, approach the great wall of Algeria's Tassili mountains by four-wheel-drive truck, crossing gravel, rock and shifting sand where the air shudders above a ground temperature that can reach ...
The Canaries Location History Facts Highlights When To Visit How To Reach Spain Atlantic Ocean Las P

Complete Island Guide To The Canaries – Discover The Canary Islands

The Canaries are a group of seven volcanic islands off the Atlantic coast of North Africa. They cover a total area of 7,540 sq km (2,900 sq mi) containing some of the world's most dramatic scenery. Each Island has its own ...
Zanzibar Location Facts History Attractions Indian Ocean Unguja Tanzania Africa

Zanzibar | Wonderment, Mystery And Beauty

Located 35 km (22 miles) from the coast of Tanzania in the Indian Ocean is Zanzibar, boasting white sand beaches lined with palm trees, native forests and an abundance of coral reefs perfect for snorkelling and diving. Today it offers a ...
Cape Verde Islands Location Facts History Portugal Africa

Become One With The Waves In The Cape Verde Islands

Tipping off the African map, the Cape Verde islands would appear to sit more happily with the Azores, or even the Canary Islands. Composed of nine main islands in two groups - the Windwards and the Leewards - six are volcanic ...
The Ruwenzori Location Facts History Uganda Congo Africa

The Ruwenzori: Mountains Of The Moon

Here are camouflaged splendours: Africa's massive cliffs also called the Mountains of the Moon. They conceal their summit spectacles behind an almost endless blanket of cloud and it is only when swerving winds of white cloud tear back the curtain of ...
Table Mountain Location Facts History Cape Town South Africa Africa

Table Mountain: South Africa's Prime Attraction

In Africa's southwest corner ramparts of sandstone rise out of the sea. Visible from more than 125 miles (200km) away, they have served as a spectacular and comforting beacon for seamen ever since the Portuguese explorer Bartholomew Dias became the first ...
Lapalala Wilderness Location Facts History Limpopo South Africa Africa

Lapalala Wilderness: A Privately Owned Game Reserve

The lyrically named Lapalala Wilderness lies within the UNESCO Waterberg Biosphere Reserve, in Limpopo Province, just a three and half hour's drive from Johannesburg. Despite its name, Lapalala is actually a privately owned nature reserve, created from the consolidation of 19 ...
Ngorongoro Crater Location Facts History Tanzania Africa

Ngorongoro Crater: The Best Wildlife Viewing In The World

Cloaked in a tangle of ragged vegetation, the steep flanks of this ancient extinct volcano in northern Tanzania give little indication of what lies within its crater's walls. The silence of the thin air some 6000ft (1800m) above sea level is ...
Lake Turkana Location Facts History Kenya Africa

Lake Turkana: Kenya's Prime Attraction

Across the broad, flat surface of Lake Turkana, a 'river highway' snakes its way between silt banks so regular that they appear man-made. More than 3 miles (5km) from the lake shore, the highway ends in a dramatic, sprawling delta, shaped ...
Okavango Location Facts History Botswana Kalahari Africa

Okavango: A Place Of Indescribable Beauty

In the parched heart of southern Africa lies an oasis that once a year grows larger than Wales, and brings pulsating life to the surrounding desert. This is the Okavango Delta, a wilderness of waterways, swamps, islands and emerald reed beds ...
Ouled Said Oasis Location Facts History Algeria Africa

Ouled Said Oasis: Algeria's Prime Attraction

The popular image of an oasis is a romantic picture - waving palms beside a crystal-clear pool where nomads replenish their water supplies before moving on. It is an idyllic but not entirely true vision, for some oasis, such as Ouled ...
Ahaggar Mountains Location Facts History Algeria

Ahaggar Mountains: Algerian Made

In the Sahara, at least when the sun is high, there are no horizons - only a milky vagueness whose bounds might be either near or far. Driving south though, from the oasis of In Salah towards the centre of the ...

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