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Thenmala Weather

The best time to visit Thenmala is during the winter season i.e. from the month of December till February. The mild weather and cool surroundings enable the travelers to engage in outdoor activities such as trekking, biking, boating and bird watching. Winter is the ideal time to visit the Eco-Tourism Project as well.


Summer season begins in Thenmala from the month of March and is extended till late May. The temperature during this season varies from 20°C to 36°C. The heat is intense during the day, but nights are pleasant and chill. Cotton clothes will be a wise pick for travelers who plan to visit Thenmala during summer.


The heat of summer subsides when raindrops touch this pristine land. Monsoon clouds cover Thenmala from June, and the land is blessed with extensive rainfall till September. Mild temperature characterizes this period. Thenmala enjoys heavy showers due to the South West Monsoon. Incessant rains worsen the condition of roads during monsoon; hence visits during monsoons are best avoided.


Thenmala enjoys mild winter starting from the month of December and is extended till February. The temperature is cool, and the climate is soothing. This is the best time to visit this hilly region. Travelers should anticipate sudden drops in temperature and should backpack winter clothes and sweaters.