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  • 01Essel World

    Essel World

    Essel World is an extremely popular amusement park found in Thane District. It is located in Gorai and offers as many as 34 exciting rides like the Rainbow, Bumping Cars and plenty of Roller Coasters. Water Kingdom is situated just next to Essel World and claims of having Asia’s largest wave pool.

    People of all ages are sure to have a lot of fun here. The park is easily reachable from Bhayandar, Borivali or Marve, with many bus services available to take you there.

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  • 02Titwala Mahaganesh Temple

    Titwala Mahaganesh Temple

    The Mahaganesh Temple is located in the Titwala village of the Thane District. It is known as the Siddhivinayak Mahaganpati Temple as the Ganpati’s idol found here is that of Siddhivinayak. Believers claim that anyone who ardently and regularly prays to Maha Ganpati shall get married to the desired person of their choice.

    The temple also accommodates a small shrine devoted to Lord Shivashankar. The vicinity also holds a Vitthal–Rukmini temple. This sacred pilgrim site is a beautiful place to be at during the festivals of Ganesh Chaturthi and Angarika Chaturthi.

    An enormous number of pilgrims throng this spot, waiting in long queues, just to get a glimpse of Ganpati’s idol and seek his blessings. The outside area of the temple houses a small artificial pond that is surrounded by a pretty little garden. There are boating facilities available here too.

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  • 03Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary

    Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary

    The Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary spans over an area of about 320 sq km and comprises the regions of Wada, Mokhadas and Shahapur Talukas. It is situated in the district of Thane. The wildlife sanctuary will delight any nature or wildlife enthusiast. It accommodates numerous endangered and rare species of both flora and fauna.

    There are as many as 200 species of birds and more than 50 species of animals found here. Amongst the animals, one can be lucky to spot Sambars, Hyenas, Mouse Deer, Cheetas, Barking Deer, Panthers, Wild Boars, Jackals and Tigers. The flora consists of different trees like Kalamb, Bibla, Khair, Hed, Teak and Bamboo.

    There are several accommodation facilities in the Suryamal Area found close by here. You are, however, required to reserve rooms prior to your visit here. The nearby Tansa Lake and the Mahadeo Temple are pleasant attractions for sight seeing too. November to May makes for the best period to visit this place.

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  • 04Naneghat Hills

    The Naneghat Hills are a prime tourist attraction situated in the Malshej Ghat region of the Thane District. They are elevated at an altitude of 838.2 m above the sea level. These hills are well known for their ancient mountain pass that goes from Ghatmatha to Konkan and consists of numerous caves and water cisterns carved out of rocks.

    Some of the many caves found here have historically significant inscriptions in Brahmi language carved in stone. Nanacha Angatha, the peak of the Naneghat Hills, is located atop a cliff and is a popular joint amongst trekkers and rock climbers.

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  • 05Bassein Fort

    The Bassein Fort, now referred to as the Vasai Fort is located in the village of Vasai that comes under the Thane District. Bassein was initially reckoned as an old Portuguese settlement by the famous Thane Creek. Before being known as the Bassein Fort, it was known as the ‘Fort of St. Sebastian of Vasai’.

    Built in 1532, the fort is almost five centuries old and was constructed by the then Sultan of Gujarat – Bahadur Shah. The Fort was set up by the Portuguese, though its operations were carried out by the Indian ruler then. The Marathas took over in 1739.

    The Bassein Fort was responsible for providing protection to the entire province of Bassein. It offered a cover to as many as 58,000 Indian Christians, 60,000 inhabitants and 2,000 Portuguese. Sadly, the fort is currently in ruins. What, however, remain are the gigantic fort walls that ran 4.5 km in length, two doors – the Porta da Terra and the Porta do Mar – and a few remnants of the Portuguese churches and buildings.

    The gateways of the fort are very attractive and have beautiful inscriptions adorning them, while close to them are the Portuguese Graves that date back to 1558. The surrounding area that envelopes the fort is very picturesque, and is enclosed on three sides by the sea. This place interestingly makes for a much sought after location as a Bollywood Film Set.

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  • 06Sudhagad Fort

    Sudhagad Fort

    The Sudhagad Fort is also referred to as the Bhorapgad Fort or the Bhoraigad Fort and is a major historical destination in Thane District. The fort’s origin dates back to the 2nd century and was occupied by the Bahamani sultanate in 1436. The year of 1650 saw the fort being captured by the Marathas and the Pantsachivas of Bhor.

    Not before long it was annexed by the British Empire in 1818. The Sudhagad Fort is known as the Bhoraigad Fort because of the existence of the Bhoraidevi Temple there – a shrine built in dedication to Goddess Bhoraidevi.

    Currently a much sought after trekking destination in Maharashtra, this fort comprises of a huge granary, a few tombs, two pretty lakes and a house and shrine amongst other ruins. The fort has three entrance gates, with the Maha Darwaza being the largest of them all.

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  • 07Tikuji-ni-wadi


    Tikuji-ni-Wadi is a popular tourist attraction situated amidst lofty hills and a lush green valet in the Manpada Chitalsar village of the Thane District. It is about 40 km away from the the metropolitan city of Mumbai and located on the Ghodbunder–Thane Road. This hotspot was established in 1983.

    The entire resort is sprawled over a magnificent area of 20 acres and comprises of a water park, an amusement park and a resort. The ocean park is replete with giant water slides, family and kiddo slides, a lazy river and landscaped gardens. It also has an aqua play shop.

    The amusement park, on the other hand, consists of Giant Wheels, Go-Karts, Bumper Cars, Space Ship, Junior Worm, Whirlwind Chairs, Funny Bunny, Bumping Boats, UFO Cycle and Coaster.

    The water park is open on all days from 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening. The amusement park, meanwhile, opens an hour late and closes an hour late. The resort part of the destination is open from 9 am to 7 pm.

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  • 08Suraj Water Park

    Suraj Water Park is a major attraction in Thane. If you are a water lover, waste no more time and directly head to Suraj Water Park – a brilliant water recreation centre in the Thane District. Spread over a grand area of 17 acres of land, this park is merely 8 km away from Thane and is a Water Paradise.

    The Water Park provides with a host of wild water amusement not only for the kids but also for the entire family. The Labak Zapak Matak, Sing a Song, Rainbow Tower, Ding Dong Slides and Dhadkan are some of the plenty fun-filled water slides found here.

    The Rimzim Hall is a dance floor that provides for an exciting session of rain dancing. The Wave Pool, the Lazy River and the Fountain Park with over 30 differently shaped fountains are also available here.

    The main attraction here is the look-alike of Shiva Cave made in fibre and the manmade ‘Har Har Gange’ waterfall that has allowed Suraj Water Park to make it to the Limca Book Of World Records.

    There is an ancient museum in the proximity that displays different kinds of locks and keys. The park is open on all days from 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening. The fees are very economical at around Rs. 250 for a kid below 4 ft and Rs. 300 for adults and kids above 4 ft height – an economical sum in return for a day filled with delightful fun.

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  • 09Kelva Beach

    Kelva Beach is a popular vacationing spot amongst the locals and the tourists who visit Thane. It is one of the largest beaches in the entire state of Maharashtra, stretching for 7 km along the coastline of the magnificent Arabian Sea. The beach shore is lined with Suru Trees and is home to the Sheetladevi temple here. The Kelva Fort is yet another prime attraction that draws tourists here.

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  • 10St. John Baptist Church

    St. John Baptist Church

    The St. John Baptist Church is a noted landmark in the district of thane. It is situated near the Masunda Lake, close to the Thane Railway Station. The Baptist Church was formerly called the St. Anthony’s Church and was constructed in 1852 under the leadership and guidance of Fr. Antonio do Porto by the Portuguese (Franciscans) Missionaries.

    In 1737, when the Maratha Empire seized the area of Thane, all the churches were demolished, save the St. Anthony Church. This is when the church’s name was changed from St. Anthony to St. John the Baptist.

    Over the years several changes have been made to the Franciscan church. It has undergone a lot of renovations to fortify the structure. The wooden altar, however, still remains intact. The front porch was extended to accommodate the increasingly growing number of church members and parishioners, sometime in 1965.

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  • 11Jai Vilas Palace

    Jai Vilas Palace

    Jai Vilas Palace is located in Jawahar and was home to the tribal kings of Munke Family. Also known as the Jawahar, it was built by the Tribal King called Yashvanrao Mukane and was also referred to as the Raj Bari. The palace is renowned for its unique architectural style and antiquity.

    The palace is covered with thick green forests on all sides and is situated atop a rock. The view from here is breathtaking as it provides with a scintillating scene of the surrounding horizon. The palace comprises of about 80 rooms and gives a sneak peek into the furniture belonging to that time.

    One can observe the range of stuffed tigers and a grand lobby nearby as well. This palace is currently abundant with cashew nut plantations. The Jai Vilas Palace is a major attraction and is just 80 km away from the district of Thane.

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  • 12Kashimira


    Kashimira is a part of the Kashi Mira duo – two panoramic Villages found in the district of Thane, flanked by the natural beauty of the hill sides and the numerous lakes on either sides. This popular spot can be reached via curvy roads that link Kashi Mira to the main district. These roads offer a fantastic view of the placid lakes and the lofty hills.

    Kashi Mira is accessible from Dahisar, a small station in Mumbai which is famed to have the toll naka that connects Mumbai to the rest of India. The St. Jerome’s Church stood, at one point in time, between the two villages, thereby dividing them.

    Built in 1595, the church is more than 400 years old and has been renovated thrice since its construction. The two villages of Kashi Mira organize a grand fair held on the 25th and 26th of December every year.

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  • 13Jawahar

    Jawahar (or Jawhar) is a panoramic hill station in the district of Thane situated at an elevation of 10 m. It is about 79 km away for the heart of the district and around 180 km away from Mumbai. Formerly a princely state, Jawahar is enveloped in lush and dense green vegetation dotted with several stunning waterfalls.

    History has it that Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj – the great Maratha Warrior – camped here on his journey to Surat. Given its ideal climate and picturesque locale, Jawahar is referred to as the ‘Mahabaleshwar of Thane’.

    This hill station is very well known for its Warli Paintings – an extremely unique and renowned kind of art that originated in the Warli Tribe of Maharashtra. The bewitching Dadara Kopra Falls and the Palusa Falls, the ancient and rustic Bhupatghad Fort and Jai Vilas Palace, and the panoramic view points like Hanuman Point and the Sunset Point are some of the many amazing attractions found here.

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  • 14Thane Creek

    The Thane Creek is a popular site for bird conservation in Maharashtra. It comes under the Thane District. This site is home to more than 205 species of birds. Some very rare species can be found here, like the Golden Plover, the Whistling Teals, the Hoopoe, the Grey Plover and the Avocet.

    Amongst them, there are a few common water birds found here as well, like the Pied Avocet, the White Stork, the Asian Open Bill Stork, the Dunlin, the Eastern Golden Plover, the Greater Flamingo, the Ruddy Turnstone and the Lesser Flamingo amongst other fowls.

    The Thane Creek is one of the many water bodies found in the district of Thane. The Indian Bird Conservation Department is responsible for the maintenance of the Creek.

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  • 15Yeoor Hills

    Yeoor Hills

    Yeoor Hills must figure in your ‘Top 20 things to see while in Thane’ list if you are a self confessed nature lover. If you have an affinity for nature and serenity, visit Yeoor Hills for a pollution-free atmosphere that will enamour your senses. Popularly known as the Mama Bhanja Hills, this hill station serves as a famous get away in Thane, and is especially packed during the weekends.

    It is noted for a 150 year old shrine that is housed there. The Swami Math is a must visit institute here. The peace and calm of the surrounding area here will soothe your senses. While you are there, don’t forget to visit the Sanjay Gandhi National Park which is situated towards the west.

    Any wildlife enthusiast will revel in the variety of flora and fauna found here. There are around 12 varied species of animals and 78 species of birds that can be observed here.

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