Sivasuryanarayana temple, Suriyanar Koil

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This temple is located in Suriyanar koil. Sivasuryanarayana temple is dedicated to Sun (Surya), and it is one of the Navagraha temples in Tamil Nadu. The temple also includes the shrines for the other 8 planets as well. It is said that Kalava Munivar could predict the future and realised that he was to be affected by leprosy soon. So he decided to pray to the Navagrahas to save him from the disease.

Navagrahas were very delighted by his dedication, and they listened to his wish. Since the destiny of a man cannot change and nobody has the right to do so hence when Lord Brahma heard this he became very angry and cursed all 9 planets that whatever Kalava Munivar was predestined to suffer, the 9 planets will also have to suffer. Hence all the Navagrahas had to suffer from leprosy. Thereafter, Navagrahas asked Brahma to forgive them and also pleaded with him to tell them the ways to overcome this curse. Lord Brahma suggested them to visit Thirumangalakudi and pray to Prananadeswarar (at Vellerukkakadu).

After praying to Prananadeswarar and Mangalambigai(his consort) the Navagrahas placed a statue of Vinayakar (Lord Ganesh) close to the place and began the penance at the place. By the blessing of God, the Navagrahas achieved Papa Vimochanam (deliverance from their sin). To show his gratitude to the Navagrahas, Kalava Munivar built a temple at the place where Navagrahas carried out the penance. In this temple, the presiding deity is Sivasuryanarayana who is standing in a Chariot (which signifies the chariot of the Sun) along with his 2 consorts Prathyusha and Usha. A large number of devotees throng the temple during Vijaya Dasami, and Ratha Saptami.


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