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Sivakasi Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Sivakasi

  • 01Sri Badrakaliamman Temple

    Sri Badrakaliamman Temple

    Sri Badrakaliamman Temple is the largest and the biggest Kali temple in South India. Located in Badrakali, it has a golden statue of the Goddess and a tall tower which is studded. It is one of the most famous temples of Sivakasi.

    The temple has been constructed in honour of the Goddess Badrakaliamman, the presiding deity who is also considered the patron goddess of the city. The ‘rajagopuram’ of the temple is the unique feature of the temple. It is considered to be the tallest among all the Kali temple gopuras of Tamil Nadu.

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  • 02Thiruthangal


    Thiruthangal, which is located on the road from Virudhunagar to Sivakasi is one of the 108 sacred abodes of Lord Vishnu. The area around Thiruthangal has been under occupation since 4000 BC. It is believed that the three Sangam age poets, namely Mudakkorranar, Porkollan Vennahanar and Athireyan Sengannanar have lived in this town.

    The ancient name of the town was Thangal, and it has been mentioned in the Silappadikaram. Ninranarayanaperumal Koil Temple which has been dedicated to Lord Vishnu during the rule of the Pandyas is located in Thiruthangal atop a low hillock. The temple was later renovated in the 10th century and also completely reconstructed during the rule of the Nayaks.

    Bhuthalvar and Tirumangaialavar have sung many a hymns in praise of the temple. A bronze statue of the later was installed in the temple when it was renovated in the 10th century.

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  • 03Kasi Vishwanathaswamy Temple

    Kasi Vishwanathaswamy Temple

    Kasi Vishwanatha Swamy Temple is one of the most famous temples of Tamil Nadu. King Harikesari Parakkirama Pandian, the ruler of Southern Madurai, bought a Shiva Lingam from Kasi and placed it in this part of his kingdom, thus giving the place its name.

    Later in the 15th and 16th centuries, King Pandia and King Thirumalai Naicker expanded the famous Shiva temple and called it Kasi Vishwanatha Swamy Temple. This temple has been reconstructed and redeveloped several times since then.

    First Aanaiappa Gnani reconstructed this temple. The Naickers further developed the temple and in 1659 Muthu Veerappa Naicker added the ratham or the temple chariot which is used for processions during festival times.

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  • 04Ayyanar Falls

    Ayyanar Falls

    Ayyanar Falls which is located in the foothills of the Western Ghats at a distance of 12 km west of Rajapalayam is a popular tourist attraction of Sivakasi. There is a temple dedicated to Ayyanar in its vicinity. The temple is also a popular picnic spot. The 15 ft high segmented Ayyanar Falls has dense forest as its backdrop. The forest with its natural beauty is an added attraction to this place.

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  • 05Nenmeni


    Nenmai village is situated 9 km east of Sattur on the banks of River Vaipparu. It is famous for its spawning paddy fields and its name has also been derived from Nenmeni, which means paddy yield.

    The Public Works Department irrigation tank attracts many bird watchers during the winter months. When the water of the tank is full, it is a haven for innumerable migratory birds. Many beautiful and colourful birds from Australia and other countries migrate here seasonally.

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  • 06Pilavakkal Dam

    Pilavakkal Dam is located at a distance of 90 km from Madurai and 59 km from Virudunagar. The dam is also a popular picnic spot in the Virudunagar district. There is also a Children's Park with all facilities for the entertainment of the little ones in the premises of the dam.

    The dam consists of 2 parts which are called the Kovilar and the Periyar Dam. The Kovilar Dam has a capacity of 133 m ft and the Periyar Dam has a capacity of 192 m ft. The water of the dams get filled during the months of October to December.

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  • 07Parasakthi Mariamman Temple

    Parasakthi Mariamman Temple

    Parasakthi Mariamman Temple, which was constructed in 1923 is one of the main attractions of Sivakasi town. It is a famous pilgrim spot. The Panguni Uttiram festival which is celebrated in this temple with much pomp and glory is the main festival of Sivakasi and its neighbouring areas. The festival which is celebrated for 21 days attracts devotees from Sivakasi as well as the nearby places.

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