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  • 01Borong And Ralong Hot Spring,Ravangla

    Borong And Ralong Hot Spring

    Borong and Ralong hot water springs are located 7 km apart from each other. They are popular among visitors as they are believed to have strong curative powers. Temporary huts are available there for the tourists who visit this place, but warm clothes, bedding and utensils also need to be carried to keep yourself comfortable during the stay.  

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  • 02Buddha Park (Sakyamuni Project),Ravangla

    The Buddha Park (Sakyamuni Project) in Sikkim was built by the natives of Rabong/Ravangla in the year 2006 to commemorate the 2550th birth anniversary of Lord Gautama Buddha. They built a statue of the Buddha to celebrate the birth anniversary of the Lord.

    The project was taken forward as a part of encouraging tourism and pilgrimage in Ravangla and to develop the Buddhist Circuit in the state of Sikkim.

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  • 03Directorate Of Handicrafts And Handlooms,Gangtok

    Directorate Of Handicrafts And Handlooms

    This Government establishment is a place every art lover would wish paying a visit to. Instituted in the year 1957 with a view to promote the traditional art and handicrafts of Sikkim, the Directorate of Handicrafts and Handlooms is a place where one can avail various interesting things such as hand woven blankets, shawls, carpets, carved wooden handicrafts and much more.

    While the DHH is headquartered at Gangtok, it has 20 other branches across Sikkim and makes a perfect training-cum-production institute. The institute remains open for public from Monday to Saturday between 9.30 am and 4 pm. The sales emporium at the place remains open all through the year, daily.

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  • 04Chewyabhang Pass,Uttarey

    Chewyabhang Pass

    The Chewyabhang Pass is called the Gateway to Sikkim. It is located at a distance of about 10 km from Uttarey and is a famous tourist destination. Present close by this pass is a lovely waterfall called the Mainbus Waterfall which also happens to be an interesting tourist destination of Uttarey.

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  • 05Angling,Dzongu


    Love angling? Then try it here at Dzongu. It may not seem as easy as it does at places elsewhere which are popular for angling but when patiently done, it indeed makes up for a beautiful experience. Mahseer and Trout can be commonly found in the rivers here.

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  • 06Baba Harbhajan Singh Memorial Temple,Gangtok

    Baba Harbhajan Singh Memorial Temple is located in between the Jelepla Pass and Nathu La Pass and is a popular pilgrim centre visited by hundreds of devotees each day. It is believed that the temple has wish-fulfilling powers and devotees visiting the temple leave a bottle of water at the temple and pick it up during their return journey.

    There is very interesting legend behind this temple. Here it goes: This shrine is built in memory of Baba Harbhajan Singh, a sepoy of the 23rd Punjab Regiment, who actually went missing about 35 years ago, while leading a bunch of mules to Deng Dhukla, a remote area in East Sikkim.

    Following this, a manhunt was conducted to look for the Baba's body which was found three days later. It is said that they could find him for he himself led them towards the body and also, one of his colleagues began dreaming about Baba and was instructed by the Baba himself to build a temple in his memory.

    That is when the temple came into existence. The temple houses a samadhi in his memory and legend has it that he visits the temple and also does his rounds every night. He is believed to be 'on duty' even to this day and guards the lives of soldiers posted along the India-China border.

    What's more, every year on September 14, he goes on his annual holiday and visits his native Kapurthala in Punjab. While a jeep with all his personal belongings departs to the nearest railway station, tickets are booked and a berth is reserved for his journey. Two soldiers accompany him on his journey and a small sum of money is also sent to the mother of this 'ghost soldier' every month!

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  • 07Aritar Gumpa,Aritar

    Aritar Gumpa

    Aritar Gumpa is one of the oldest monasteries in Sikkim, which belongs to the Kagyuapa order of Tibetan Buddhism. The monastery is known for its beautiful architecture and collection of artifacts, murals, and other paintings. It also contains various ancient manuscripts.

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  • 08Banjhakri Falls,Gangtok

    Banjhakri Falls

    Banjhakri Falls in Gangtok is renowned for its scenic beauty and a must-visit spot for all those travelling to Gangtok. Surrounded by beautiful stairwells and waterfalls and decorated with various beautiful sculptures around, it forms a perfect spot to picnic in leisure.

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  • 09Bakthang Waterfalls,Gangtok

    Bakthang Waterfalls

    Bakthang is a beautiful waterfall located just about 20 km ahead of Gangtok. It can be found present on the 31 A national highway thats leads towards North Sikkim. The origin of this waterfall happens to be Ratey Chu - the main source of water to Gangtok. One can visit this place to relax and enjoy some free time, clicking a few beautiful images of the fall as well as beautiful sceneries all around the place.

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  • 10Confluence Of Rivers Lachen And Lachung Chu,Chungthang

    Confluence Of Rivers Lachen And Lachung Chu

    The town of Chungthang is present at the confluence of the rivers Lachen and Lachung Chu. These rivers are the tributaries of the river Teesta.

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  • 11Changey Waterfall,Aritar

    Changey Waterfall

    The Changey Waterfalls are located near the famous Lampokhari Lake. The waterfalls offer beautiful views of its surroundings and are at a height of 50 m. It is located 10 km away from Pelling.

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  • 12Darap Village,Pelling

    Darap Village

    Darap village is an ideal place for those who are looking for a day amidst rich forests and amazing views of hills. The village is a part of the Darap Eco-Tourism Committee. Darap is a word which has its origins from the limbo word "tan-lop" which literally means "even land".

    Darap is emerging as a popular homestay destination amongst tourists who travel to Pelling. It is located about 6 km from Pelling en route Yuksom.

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  • 13Borong,Ravangla


    Borong is a picturesque village in Sikkim known for its beautiful landscape and amazing views of nature. There is also a trek trail that originates from Namchi to Tendong. It scales all the hill tops along its route. This trek may take about 5-6 days to complete the trail. Borong is also popular for the hot spring “Borong Tsa-Chu” which is believed to have medicinal properties in it.

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  • 14Dak Bunglow,Namchi

    Dak Bunglow

    Dak Bunglow, which is famously known as the Ari-Bangla, was built by Sir James Claude White who was the first political officer of Sikkim during the British rule in India. The Bunglow is known for its British architecture.

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  • 15Chogyal Park,Gangtok

    Chogyal Park

    The Chogyal Park is in Gangtok and is named after Miwang Chogyal Chenpo Palden Thondup Namgyal - the 12th Denzong Chogyal or the King of Sikkim. The park is built in his memory. It is during his time, some strong foundations were laid at Sikkim, for various social aids and basic public amenities.

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