Sibsagar Lake, Sibsagar

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Sibsagar Lake or Borpukhuri is the biggest attraction of this town and the town itself derives its name from this lake which literally means the ‘Ocean of Lord Shiva’. Spread over an area of 257 acres the lake is at a higher elevation than the rest of the town.

It has three temples also known as Dol in Assamese on its banks. Of which the most prominent one is the Sivadol, the other temples are the Vishnudoul and Devidoul. These temples were built by Kuwori Ambika, wife of the Assamese ruler Swargadeo Siba Singha in 1734.

The lake is  surrounded by deep earthen moats on all sides and is one of the biggest tourist attractions not only in Sibsagar but entire Assam. Hundreds of tourists visit this lake daily from all parts of the country and the state. It also attracts many devotees to its temples on its banks.

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