Hatibari, Sambalpur

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Hatibari, located 24 km south of Sambalpur is a destination that is off the beaten track. The claim to fame for Hatibari is a leprosy home established by Padmashree Dr. Isaac Santra. Dr. Isaac Santra was a humble person through all the fame.

Born in 1892, Dr. Isaac Santra is a native of Sambalpur. Born a Christian he was pushed to join a missionary located in Balangir by his family. His calling was however down different avenues. Having received a degree as a doctor from Cuttack, Dr. Isaac Santra chose to dedicate the rest of his life to eradicate leprosy.

Leprosy at the time was a disease that was shunned and pushed to the farthest corners of society. This probably explains the location of his leprosy home in Hatibari. The village is surrounded by dense forests. Hatibari today remains a quiet village surrounded by the lush warmth of nature.

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