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Sakleshpur Weather

The place can be visited any time of the year except during monsoon season. Heavy rains become a great obstruction in outdoor activities and trails become quite slippery, which makes trekking difficult and unsafe.


(April to May): Sakleshpur experiences hot summers as the daytime temperature soars to 40℃, whereas during night, there is some respite as temperature drops to 22℃.


(June to September): The town of Sakleshpur receives heavy rainfall due to the southwest monsoon. Travellers avoid visiting this place during monsoon as they cannot take part in trekking and other outdoor activities.


(November to December): Cool and pleasant weather welcomes tourists to Sakleshpur during winter. The temperature during winter season ranges in between 10℃ and 32℃. It is a good time to visit Sakleshpur as the weather gets quite nice and comfortable