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Pyramid Valley or Maitreya-Buddha Vishwalayam located at Bangalore is a very interesting attraction in the city. The valley houses the world's largest meditation pyramid and is gaining popularity among tourists as an international centre for meditation, for people and organizations looking for solace, spiritual wisdom and self realization.

Pyramid Valley is located in Kebbedoddi Village of Ramanagaram district and was established in Bangalore in 2003 by Brahmarshi Subhash Patri's Pyramid Spiritual Trust (India) – an organization of of the founder's Pyramid Spiritual Societies movement. Spread across a huge beautiful complex, the place has a pyramid to meditate within, which can accommodate about 5,000 people at a time. And as it is believed that meditating inside a pyramid is much more powerful than meditating in an open space, people visit the valley in hoards, just to meditate under the pyramid here, which is considered to be a high energy pyramid.

About the Pyramid

As we have mentioned above, this pyramid in Bangalore is said to be the world's largest meditation pyramid with a base area of 160ft X 160 ft and a height of 102 ft. Inside, it houses a spiral king's chamber which is believed to be the pyramid's most energetic spot where about 40 people can sit and meditate at a time. It has been constructed on the lines of Giza Pyramid at Egypt with an orientation in North-South direction with a golden angle of inclination on all sides and a king's chamber in the center. What's more, about 640 Himalayan crystals have been fitted inside this huge pyramid, just to amplify the pyramid energy and to aid people experience strong meditation experiences.

How to Reach …

The Pyramid Valley is situated towards South Bangalore and can be easily reached by road. It lies about 75 km away from the Bangalore International Airport and some 35 km from Bangalore railway station or majestic bus stand. If you are traveling via bus, board any KSRTC bus heading towards Kanakpura or Harohalli. Or one can also reach the valley by a private taxi from airport, railway station or bus stand. There are also accommodation facilities available in the campus.

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