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  • 01Dehra Ki Gali

    Dehra Ki Gali

    Dehra ki Gali is situated in the centre of mountain peaks and dense forests of the Rajouri District. The site is the first eco-tourism project of the state, which lies in the Pir Panjal Range at an elevation of 6600 ft above sea level.

    Dehra ki Gali is popular among tourists for its chain of high-altitude lakes. Upon reaching the top of the hill, tourists would find a one-room apartment has been built under Project Beacon. Tourists planning to visit the site should avoid winter season as the region experiences heavy snowfall.

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  • 02Lal Bauli

    Lal Bauli

    Lal Bauli is a spring water lake that is one of the prominent attractions of the destination. This lake is located 20 km from the Rajouri Town on Rajouri-Thannamandi Road. Upon reaching this site, tourists would get the chance to see different and beautiful species of fish. According to local belief, Lal Bauli spring has an underground link with the Nandsagar Lake.

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  • 03Darhal Malkan

    Darhal Malkan

    Darhal Malkan is a bowl shaped valley, located 25 km north-east of the town of Rajouri. Tourists, on reaching the site, would notice that the valley is surrounded by mountains with gentle slopes on all sides.

    On closer observation, travellers would notice that the Darhal Malkan looks like a naturally carved sports arena. If time permits, then tourists can visit the nearby Khanghah of Ganj Baba that is a popular religious site. In addition, perennially flowing water in Darhal Tawi can be sighted in the vicinity of Darhal Malkan.

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  • 04Dhanidhar Fort

    Dhanidhar Fort

    Dhanidhar Fort was constructed during the rule of Mian Hathu, the former ruler of the Rajouri region, in the year 1855. This fort was built using the remnants of the materials of the buildings belonging to the Jaral Rajas of Rajouri. According to historians, the Hindu Kings from the Pal dynasty had initially ruled this site.

    Dhanidhar Fort was actually constructed to save the Dogra forces from the outsiders. The high elevation made it suitable for the kings to keep a close watch on the surrounding region for defence purposes. In addition, Dhanidhar Fort was used to dump the grains that were accumulated from the local farmers as a part of the revenue system.

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  • 05Gurudwara Chatti Patshahi Bangla Sahib

    Gurudwara Chatti Patshahi Bangla Sahib

    Gurudwara Chatti Patshahi Bangla Sahib is considered to be one of the major religious sites of the Rajouri District. The site has been devoted to Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji, the sixth Sikh Guru. According to popular belief, in 1616, Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji had resided at this site while on his way to meet Emperor Jahangir.

    It is a 4-storied structure with 15 rooms and a pathshala, or school, with 8 rooms. In the year 1960, an engineer, Sardar Tara Singh had taken up the process of redesigning this religious site in order to increase the accommodation area.

    The Gurudwara Chatti Patshahi remains thronged with pilgrims during the congregation that takes place on Sundays. Devotees in a large number visit the Gurudwara during the birthday of Shri Hargobind Singh Ji. Tourists would find the Shri Hargaobind Sahib Ji Institute of Education near the site.

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  • 06Mangla Mata Temple

    Mangla Mata Temple

    Mangla Mata Temple is located at a distance of 4 km from the Jhangar village, on the Nowshera-Jhangar Road in Rajouri District. This pilgrimage site was built in the year 1945. According to popular folklore, Goddess Mangla had suggested this shrine to different priests in their dreams.

    Devotees in large number visit Mangla Mata Temple on Tuesday, considered to be the auspicious day for this pilgrimage site. Of all the Tuesdays, the ‘Chandi Paksh’ Tuesday that falls near the day of the full moon is considered to be the most important. In addition, the temple attracts innumerable devotees during the Hindu festival of Navaratri.

    Upon reaching the Mangla Mata Temple, tourists would get the chance to see many ‘Sthan Guns’ that have been referred in the Vedas around the site. The prime attractions of this pilgrimage site are the ‘Ramayan Patha’ and ‘Havan Kund’. A cave can be discovered at this site that has ‘pindies’, heads formed as a result of natural rock form of Goddess Mangla.

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  • 07Ziarat Sain Ganji Sahib

    Ziarat Sain Ganji Sahib

    Ziarat Sain Ganji Sahib is a popular religious attraction of the destination, which is located at a distance of 10 km from Rajouri town. This religious site overlooks the Darhal Nala. As the name suggests, the shrine is devoted to Sain Ganji Sahib who belonged to a Gujjar family in Fatehpur.

    Sain Ganji Sahib is renowned among people for his contribution towards making the world a better place for mankind. Thousands of devotees visit Ziarat Sain Ganji Sahib during the first week of October as the annual Urs festival is held at this time.

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  • 08Ravi Walli Marg Group Of Lakes

    Ravi Walli Marg Group Of Lakes

    Ravi Walli Marg Group of Lakes can be viewed while descending to the west of Katori Sar Lake. This Marg lies at an elevation of 3300 m above sea level. The site is popular among tourists for its combination of four lakes, namely Neel Sar, Ding Sar, Kokar Sar and Bhag Sar. A majority of tourists visit the Ravi Walli Marg Group of Lakes for camping.

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  • 09Dera Baba Beeram Shah

    Dera Baba Beeram Shah

    Dera Baba Beeram Shah is a renowned religious site in the Jhangar Village of Rajouri Town. As the name suggests, this shrine is devoted to Baba Beeram Shah Ji Dutt, popular among masses as the disciple of Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji, the 6th Sikh Guru.

    The establishment of Dera Baba Bheeram Shah is connected with a legend from the 17th century. According to popular folklore, in order to promote Sikhism in Jammu, Hargobind Sahib Ji decided to send saints from Punjab to the concerned states.

    Baba Bheeram Shah Ji Dutt was one of those saints who later set up his Dera in Jhangar village, now a popular religious shrine of the destination. The site becomes thronged by thousands of devotees during a special function that takes place on the Sunday before Baisakhi, the harvest festival in Punjab.

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  • 10Chamar Sar

    Chamar Sar

    Chamar Sar Lake lies at an elevation of 3300 m above sea level and can be accessed by people by a day long trek from the Ravi Walli Marg. This lake is bean shaped with a circumference of 12 km. The Chamar Sar Lake remains dotted with huge icebergs till the month of July. This lake is the source for Chamar Nala and then joins Bafliaz Nala that lies in proximity to the Behram Nala.

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  • 11Baba Sakhi Sultan

    Baba Sakhi Sultan

    Baba Sakhi Sultan is a renowned religious shrine that is located at the centre of Rajouri Town. People belonging to different religions visit this shrine in order to pay homage to Baba Sakhi Sultan.

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  • 12Bhag Sar

    Bhag Sar

    Bhag Sar is an oval shaped lake that lies at an elevation of 3700 m above sea level. It is the highest lake among the water bodies of the Budhal Mountains. Bhag Sar is one of the inaccessible lakes as it is enclosed by icebergs from all four sides. Tourists can view the Bhag Sar Lake from the left side of the Chamar Sar and then climb the glacier to the height of 4000 m.

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  • 13Pir Panchal

    Pir Panchal

    Pir Panchal is a lake repository that lies under the authority of the Rajouri-Poonch districts. The site lies at an elevation of 13000–14000 ft above sea level. Upon reaching the site, travellers will discover 27 lakes that are sprawled over an area of 900 sq km.

    Out of the 27 lakes, 7 are large while the rest of them are comparatively smaller. The bigger lakes of this region are situated in proximity to the Jammu division. Bhag Sar, Akal Dakshni, Chamar Sar, Sukh Sar, Padyaran Sar I and II, Samot Sar and Nandan Sar are some of the popular lakes in this region.

    While exploring Pir Panchal, tourists can see the Noori Chanb Waterfall that is located in proximity to the site. A wreath of seven lakes and meadows, namely Gum Sar, Katori Sar, Neel Sar, Kal Dachhni, Sukh Sar and Nandan Sar can be viewed by tourists while returning from Pir Panchal.

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  • 14Diya Sar

    Diya Sar

    Diya Sar Lake lies at an elevation of 3600 m above sea level to the west side of the Chamar Sar. This lake has been named because of its shape which resembles that of an earthen lamp. Tourists interested in exploring this lake can reach the site through the Sarota Marg.

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  • 15Sukh Sar

    Sukh Sar

    Sukh Sar is an important lake of this destination, which lies at an elevation of 3000 m above sea level. It is a small oval-shaped lake that is the first of the lakes of the Pir Panjal range that one comes across when approaching from the northern side.

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