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Rajnandgaon Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Rajnandgaon

  • 01Dongargarh

    Dongargarh is renowned for Maa Bamleshwari Temple, which is not only a major tourist attraction as a religious site, but also for its picturesque beauty. It is situated 35 km from Rajnandgaon, 67 km from Durg and 107 km from Raipur. Mountains and ponds add to the beauty of Dongargarh.

    Maa Bamleshwari Devi Temple is perked on a hilltop, at a height of 1600 ft. The legends around the shrine of the temple have made it spiritually important. Chhoti Bamleshwari Temple is another shrine situated close by. Devotees are found thronging here during Navratri.

    Shiva Temple and Hanuman Temple are also situated at close vicinity. Jyoti Kalash is the traditional lighting during Navratri. Other than the temples, the ropeway is another attraction of Dongargarh. It is the only passenger ropeway in Chhattisgarh. Chandragiri is a hill where a jain temple is being planned.

    Teerthankara God Chandraprabhuji's ancient statue resides here. Raipur is the closest airport at a distance of 124 km. Dongargarh is the nearest railway station. Bus and private taxis run across Dongargarh making roadways the best means of communication. TheCalcutta-Mumbai National Highway or NH6 runs through stretches of greenery and mild forest. Tourists can visit this place around the year.

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  • 02Khairagarh


    Khairagarh in Rajnandgaon district is a nagar Palika of Chhattisgarh. It is full of primary health centres and schools. Road and rail network throughout Khairagarh is well developed. It is 92 km from Raipur and 40 km from Rajnandgaon.

    Temples like Danteshwari Mai and Vireshwar Mahadev Temple are worth a visit. Indira Performing Art and Music University (Indira Sangeet and Kala Vishwavidyalay) is famed as the only music university of India as well as Asia. It reflects the rich cultural heritage of Rajnandgaon. The tranquil and serene atmosphere of the place inspires the academic and musical ardour.

    It was a feudatory state under the British rule. Pandadah, situated 8 km from Khairagarh is a significant place in history. The fertile plain in this region is renowned for the production of rice and cotton. Mid April to mid June has soaring temperature while the rest of the year is mild and pleasant.

    Raipur is three hours by roadways from the renowned university. Rajnandgaon, Dongargarh and Durg are the closest railway stations. They are distanced by 40, 42 and 52 km, respectively. Express trains are available to all the major cities of the country from Dongargarh and Durg. Nagpur and Raipur are the closest airports at a distance of 265 and 103 km, respectively.

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  • 03Village Birkha

    Village Birkha

    Birkha is a religious site in Rajnandgaon district of Chhattisgarh. There is a Shiva Temple which is constructed of stone and faces the eastern direction. It is 3 km from Gandai tehsil and the location is picturesque as it is nestled by the hills. Though partially the temple has been ruined, the main temple still houses the garbha-griha and mandapa.

    They are properly walled and a shiva linga is placed on a Yonipitha at the garbha-griha. The entrance of the temple, specially the doorjamb is finely decorated. Standing Shiva seems to be the doorkeeper while the backdrop is finely designed with Ghata-Pallava motif.

    Bhairava Nandi and Ganesha sculptures are also found on the temple premises which are also worshipped by the devout devotees. The temple is considered a fine work of architecture being constructed by the Nagavamshi rulers in the 10th–11th century. It is an evidence of the amazing work of art in the category of regional temples during that period.

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