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  • 01Raichur Fort

    Raichur Fort

    Raichur Fort is one of the top tourist places to visit in the district of Raichur in Karnataka. This impressive structure was built by the Kakatiya rulers in 1294 AD. The fort has witnessed several dynasties like Mauryas, Bahmanis and Nizams.

    The fort is surrounded by huge low circuit walls on three sides and the inner walls are of blocks made of stone without any other strengthening material. The entryways and other parts of the fort have Arabic texts inscribed on them, which are said to be quotes by Ali Burj.

    Apart from the architectural beauty of the fort, the surroundings are also beautiful and captivating. Some of the other attractions of Raichur are Jama Masjid, Bala Hissar and Markandeshwara Temple amongst the rest.

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  • 02Ek Minar Ki Masjid

    Ek Minar Ki Masjid

    Ek Minar ki Masjid is one of the famous mosques in Raichur city of Karnataka. The mosque was built using Persian style of architecture. One of the main attractions of the mosque is its two-storeyed, 20 m high minaret, which can be climbed using a winding staircase. The whole of the town can be viewed from above.

    Other major attractions of Raichur are Raichur Fort, Matmari, Markandeshwara Temple, Bala Hisar, tomb of Pir Sailani Shah, etc.

    Owing to road widening, the mosque had been partially demolished in 2016.

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  • 03Tomb Of Pir Sailani Shah

    Tomb Of Pir Sailani Shah

    Tomb of Pir Sailani Shah, a Muslim saint, is one of the recommended attractions of Raichur in Karnataka. The tomb is built using Bijapur style of architecture. It has an attractive rectangular hall and a dome that make the structure worth a visit. 

    The doorway to the tomb is named after the saint as Sailani Darwaza and the structure was built by the people and the dynasty of the place where he belonged with an intention to offer him a peaceful place to rest.

    It has a beautiful architecture to marvel over and thus, is not to be missed in the district. Other attractions here include Raichur Fort, Matmari, Bala Hissar and Markandeshwara Temple amongst the rest. 

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  • 04Markandeshwara Temple

    Markandeshwara Temple

    Markandeshwara Temple is located at Kallur near Raichur. The temple is named after the famous Maharishi Markandeya who was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. The temple is known for its beautifully carved pillars and other carvings in it. 

    Dated back to 12th century, this temple is believed to be the oldest temple in the village. It is also known as Kashi of Vidarbha. Mahashivratri is one of the major festivals that take place in this temple. 

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  • 05Bichal


    Bichal is one of the lesser-known places in Raichur. It is a small village located in Raichur district of Karnataka. The village is known for its Matha of Sri Raghavendra Swamy (the Dvaita philosopher) and the Matha of Saviradevaru Channaveera Shivacharya Swamy. The place also has the house of Sri Appanacharya, great disciple of Sri Raghavendra Swamy.

    The other places that can be explored near Bichal include Markandeshwara Temple, Ek Minar ki Masjid, Jama Masjid, Raichur Fort and Matmari amongst the rest. 

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  • 06Jama Masjid

    Jama Masjid

    Jama Masjid is one of the largest and most beautiful mosques of Raichur district that boasts of a rich culture and heritage. This huge mosque has two entrances and 6 towering pillars. The ruins of a fort and a palace can be seen near the mosque and a cemetery of Adil Shahi dynasty also can be seen from here.

    Some of the other places that can be visited in Raichur include Bala Hisar, Markandeshwara Temple, tomb of Pir Sailani Shah and Raichur Fort amongst the rest.  

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  • 07Venkatapur


    Venkatapur is a small yet significant village in Lingasugur taluk of Raichur district in Karnataka. Many ancient monuments have been discovered from this region and it is believed to have existed from the Neolithic age.

    Some of the other attractions that you can visit in Raichur are Raichur Fort, Markandeshwara Temple, Bala Hissar and Jama Masjid amongst with the rest. 

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  • 08Ramagadde


    Located around 23 km from Raichur city, Ramagadde is a place that is known for Veerashaiva Matha. It is believed that Lord Rama had stayed here for a year and had built a temple for Lord Shiva apart from installing a Shivalinga to worship the lord.

    Some of the other attractions in Raichur include Bala Hissar, Jama Masjid, Markandeshwara Temple and Raichur Fort.  

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  • 09Bala Hissar

    Bala Hissar

    Bala Hissar is a citadel which is one of the major landmarks of Raichur district. This citadel is located on a hilltop and provides a view of the interiors of Raichur Fort and its surrounding area. You can have a good view of various walls and bastions built here for security purposes.

    There are also some natural caves that can be sighted below the Nauras Burj. Other attractions that can be visited near Bala Hissar include Raichur Fort, Markandeshwara Temple and Jami Masjid.  

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  • 10Manvi


    Manvi is one of the important towns in Raichur district of Karnataka. The most important attraction here is Sri Jagannatha Dasara Temple, which is historically relevant. Manvi Fort, Kallur archaeological site, the prehistoric site of Watgal, a picnic spot named Rajalabanda and Cheekalaparvi are the other attractions here.

    Other tourist attractions in the region than can be visited include Raichur Fort, Bala Hissar, Markandeshwara Temple and Jama Masjid amongst the rest.  

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  • 11Kallur


    Kallur is a small village located in Manvi Taluk of Raichur district. Located around 20 km from the city of Raichur in Karnataka, this village is also an archaeological site known for several discoveries dated back to the Neolithic period.

    Kallur is a name coined with two Kannada words "kallu" (stone) and "ooru" (town). The town is surrounded by many rock hillocks. Several swords, paintings and other objects, like stone axes, beads of semi-precious stones, shell bangles, etc., were found here.

    Other places of interest near Kallur are Markandeshwara Temple, Jami Masjid, Raichur Fort and Bala Hissar.

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  • 12Gabbur


    Gabbur is known as the temple town of Raichur district. This place is also known as Gabburu, Manipura, Garbhapura and Gopuragrama. There are around 30 temples and 28 rock edicts, of which most of were built during the reign of Kalyani Chalukyas.

    Some of the prominent temples here are the Hanuman, the Bangara Basappa, Elu Bhaavi Basavanna, Boodi Basaveshwara Temple, Male Shankara and Venkateshwara. Today, several of these temples are in ruins.

    During earlier times, Gabbur used to be the centre of education and the place is also linked to Hindu epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata.  

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