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  • 01Shaniwar Wada

    The Shaniwar Wada is a historically significant place as it served as the seat of the Peshwa Dynasty’s rule in Pune. It was built in 1730, close to 300 years back by King Baji Rao. A fire in 1827, however, ravaged and destroyed the Palace, which currently lies in ruins.

    The Light and Sound show is a must watch event while you’re there exploring the Palace. The Palace serves as a testimony to the Maratha Culture, with the place showing a neat blend of the ongoing Maratha style of architecture and the Mughal style that had crept in then.

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  • 02Aga Khan Palace

    The Aga Khan Palace is recognized because of its significance in the Indian Independence Movement. It was constructed by Sultan Mohammad Shah, Aga Khan III. The palace is located in the district of Pune.

    During the British rule, the Britishers held several of our freedom fighters and independence revolutionists imprisoned here. This is the very palace that Mahatma Gandhi along with his wife Kasturba Gandhi was held in prison, right after the Quit India Movement in 1942.

    This palace is replete with memorials built in memory of our great Indian fighters and develops a sense of pride in us. They can be seen near the Mula River that flows beneath.

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  • 03Osho Ashram

    Osho Ashram

    The Osho Ashram was built by Bhagwan Rajneesh Osho in the Koregaon Park of Pune. Spread lavishly on a 32 acre plot, this meditation centre welcomes all followers who believe in Osho’s ideologies and preachings. Various programmes are carried out here for the mental and spiritual upliftment of one’s body and soul.

    The Osho Nataraj Meditation, the Osho Dynamic Meditation, the Osho Kundalini meditation are some of the many types of meditations taught here.

    The attire goes as maroon robes for daytime wear and white robes for evening prayers. Although open throughout the year, the Ashram doesn’t provide with any accommodation or residential facilities. The Nulla Park is a grand park located close to the Commune.

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  • 04Parvati Hill Temple

    Parvati Hill Temple

    The Parvati hill is a fascinating spot at the top of Pune city with the temple that is believed to go back to the 17th Century. The temple houses idols of deities like Lord Ganpati, Goddess Parvati, etc. It was built exclusively for the Peshwa rulers, and was later opened to worship by the common people.

    The temple is built of an archaic stone work. Pilgrims come here in hoardes to offer their prayers and seek blessings. There is a nearby museum that goes by the name of the Parvati Museum. The Parvati Hill poses as an excellent location for trekkers.

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  • 05Saras Baug

    The Saras Baug is a famous tourist spot in Pune. Built by the iconic Nanasaheb Peshwa, the Saras Baug is a grand and beautiful garden located near the Parvati Hills. The park is home to an acclaimed temple of Ganpati. It was built almost 220 years back in 1774 under Madhav Rao Peshwa.

    At a distance of one kilometre from the Swargate, this place is ideal to spend a quiet evening, unwinding from the hectic lives that we are otherwise so accustomed to. It presently has a jogger’s track as well.

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  • 06Shinde's Chhatri

    Shinde’s Chhatri is an amusing name given to a building made in memory of Shri Mahadju Shinde, a noble Maratha figure of the 18th Century. He served as the Commander-in-Chief in the Maratha army during the Peshwa rule.

    The building is beautifully carved and styled, and followed the Vaasthu Hara rules of craftsmanship. This building is located in Wanowri, a spot near the city of Pune. It is open for visit on all days from 6 in the morning to 9 in the evening.

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  • 07Pataleshwar Cave Temple

    The Pataleshwar Cave Temple is a temple that dates back to the 8th Century – that is it is more than 1,400 years old. It falls on the Jangli Maharaj Road at Shiv Nagar, in Pune. The temple is named after and dedicated to its holy deity – Pataleshwar, ‘The God of the Underworld’.

    The temple resembles the Elephanta Caves and the Ellora Caves in its architectural style. The most unique part about this temple is that it is entirely made out of a single large rock. One can also find the Shiva Linga in the precincts of the Cave Temple. The temple can be visited on all days from 8 in the morning to around 5.30 in the evening.

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  • 08Katraj Snake Park

    The Katraj Snake Park houses in excess of 160 species of snakes and other reptiles. It was set up in 1986 at Katraj, a place falling on the Pune-Satara Highway. Various species of birds and turtles and reptiles can be seen here.

    Wildlife enthusiasts will love the rare appearance of the Brown Palm Civet, that is the only one of its kind species available here. The 9 ft long King Cobra is another attraction here. The festivals of Nagpanchami – the fest of worshipping snakes – is celebrated with great aplomb here.

    They help in spreading the awareness about the harm done to snakes during this time. There also exists a zoo and a garden in the nearby vicinity. The fee is nominal and the doors of the Park are open to visitors on all days, save Wednesdays, from 10.30 in the morning to 6 in the evening.

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  • 09Visapur Fort

    The Visapur Fort is a part of the the forts duo, Lohagad-Visapur. Located in the city of Pune, the Fort stands tall at a dizzying height of 1,085 m and is built by the side of Lohagad. Located near the Visapur Village, the Visapur Fort was built under the first ruler of the Peshwa Dynasty, Balaji Vishwanath.

    The Fort is abundant with caves, pillars, sky-high walls and archaic houses. Several Hanuman Temples can be found in the fort’s premises. The Fort is also home to the grand Peshwa Palace that is presently in ruins.

    This historic fort has seen many dynasties and rulers over the ages, right from the Satvahanas and Chalukyas, to the Mughals and Marathas.

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  • 10Tribal Museum

    Tribal Museum

    The Tribal Museum is a one of its kind museum located in the district of Pune. Situated off the Koregaon Road on the east of Pune, the Tribal Museum highlights the life and culture followed by the tribals in Maharashtra. The Tribal Research and Training Institute maintains the museum.

    Varied weapons and artefacts are put on display here, with the Marai, Danteshwari, Bahiram and Waghdeo tribes being in focus. It accomodates the representation of the deities the tribals worship, their handicraft items and many such items.

    The documentation of the tribal life is outstanding and gives a greater insight into their lives and culture. The museum is open on all days, except for Sundays, from 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening.

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  • 11Bhuleshwar Temple

    Bhuleshwar Temple

    The Bhuleshwar Temple was built in the period of the Pandavas. It is an astonishing 800 years old temple. The name owes its origin to the deep green forest it is located in. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and consists of the five Lingams of Shiva that can be viewed in daylight. Idols of other deities like Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi can also be seen here.

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  • 12Dehu Temple

    The Dehu Temple is an iconic temple found in the city of Pune. The birthplace of Tukaram, the land of Dehu houses the Dehu Temple that was built by his youngest son. It is situated by the shore of the river Indravati.

    The temple dates back to the 18th Century and is around 300 years old. At this very place Tukaram is believed to have attained salvation – Moksha. The Lord Ayyapa Temple nearby is also worth a visit.

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  • 13Mulshi Lake

    Mulshi Lake

    The Mulshi Lake is a major tourist attraction in the city of Pune, formed because of the placement of the Mulshi Dam. It provides as the perfect picnic spot to spend time with your family. The surrounding greenery is bewitching and the lush green trees on either side calm your senses and help you relax.

    Water sports and bird watching make for interesting activities for adventure seeking tourists. The Koraigahd and Dhangad forts in the distance can be espied from here.

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  • 14Tulsi Baug

    The Tulsi Baug is a bustling shopping area, a busy market in the city of Pune that has just about everything available! From cosmetics to jewellery and basic household particulars – everything can be shopped for here.

    Food, vegetables and fruits are also available in a different segregated area here. Touted as a Woman’s Mall, this place will be a source of delight to any woman who believes in the proverbial – shop till you drop.

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