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  • 01Poompuhar Beach

    Poompuhar Beach

    The Poompuhar Beach is an ideal picnic spot. The beach is filled with black sand and has lots of shade making this the best spot to go to for a family picnic. The beach is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the town.

    The water is not suitable for swimming though, owing to the fact that the sea is rough near the beach. But the beach provides ample opportunity to engage in various recreational activities at one’s own leisure.

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  • 02Town Gateway

    Town Gateway

    The Town Gateway was constructed by the Danish and is another mark of their erstwhile influence over Poompuhar. The gateway was constructed in the year 1792. It is also an excellent example of the Danish style of architecture.

    The gateway was commissioned for construction by the British, but the design and actual construction was carried out by the Danish. The main reason for the gateway importance is its architectural style. The gateway resembles the gateways of several European countries and has been modelled around them.

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  • 04Zion Church

    Zion Church

    Zion Church at Poompuhar was built in the year 1701 by some of the first Dutch settlers in Poompuhar. It is another major tourist attraction in Poompuhar. It has since been rebuilt by the English twice over the course of their reign: once in 1782 and the second time in 1784.

    The church, having been built in the days of the Renaissance era, offers a unique glimpse into the Danish style of architecture that dates back to that period. The church attracts many devotees, who arrive here as part of their pilgrimage, and is a recommended spot for one who are at Poompuhar.

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  • 05Masilamani Nathar Koil

    Masilamani Nathar Koil

    The Masilamani Nathar Koil was built in the year 1305 AD by King Maravarman Kulasekara Pandyan of the Pandya dynasty. It is an excellent example of the architectural style of the period.

    It is a must visit for anyone who visits Poompuhar. The temple architecture is a fine example of the conventions that were in vogue in ancient times. Much of the temple’s front portion was damaged due to tidal erosion over the course of the ages.

    As of now, the temple does not pursue any religious activities, mostly due to its state of disrepair. But it is still one of the most famous structures in Poompuhar. It is easy to approach once you have reached Poompuhar as it is quite close to the commercial centre of the place.

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  • 06Danish Governor Bungalow

    Danish Governor Bungalow

    The Danish governor’s bungalow was built in 1784 as the official residence of the Danish governor who was in charge over the area. It now serves as the office of the Tamil Nadu Tourism Department in Poompuhar.

    It is open to the public and is an excellent example of Danish architecture. It is one of the most significant historical buildings in Poompuhar. It is also the biggest building in the town of Poompuhar. It is place that must be visited once at Poompuhar. It is a reminder of the days of Colonial rule in Poompuhar and attracts visitors around the year.

    The Danish Governor Bungalow is easy to approach once at Poompuhar as it is one of the principal attractions of the coastal town.

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