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  • 01Sanga Choeling Monastery

    Sanga Choeling Monastery

    Sanga Choeling Monastery is situated on a hilltop which can be accessed by a 4 km walk up the hill through thick forests. The monastery was built in the 17th century by Lama Lhatsun Chempo.

    The monastery is known to be a place of secret spells. It has a handsome collection of clay statues dating back to the 17th century. Though the monastery caught on fire several times, it was rebuilt each time.

    Apart from the daily morning and evening prayers conducted in the monastery, the lamas recite special prayers here on the tenth day of every month of the Tibetan calendar. The Sanga Choeling Monastery is open only to males.

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  • 02Rimbi Waterfall And Karchen Powerhouse

    Rimbi Waterfall And Karchen Powerhouse

    Rimbi Waterfalls is one of the tourist attractions of Sikkim which is located about 12 km from Pelling at about 5 km from the Darap village, another attraction of Sikkim. The Karchen Powerhouse is the oldest powerhouse in West Sikkim. The powerhouse was built in the early 70s by the last king's government. It used to supply water to all the neighbouring villages during that period.

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  • 03Sangay Falls

    Sangay Falls

    Sangay Falls is yet another beautiful waterfall located about 10 km from Pelling. It is known for its roaring and imposing waterfalls that attracts a lot of tourists and travellers.

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  • 04Rabdentse Ruins

    Rabdentse Ruins are the ruins of the palace which was destroyed by the Nepalese Army. The ruins of the palace as well as the chortens (the place where the prayers were done in the palace) remain as a reminiscence of the former kingdom of Sikkim.

    Rabdentse was the second capital of Sikkim, the first capital being Yuksom. The Rabdentse Ruins are a part of Buddhist pilgrimage circuit which consists of many monasteries starting from the Yuksom, which is the Dubdi Monastery.

    The ruins of Rabdentse are divided into two wings – the northern wing and the southern wing. The northern wing is where the royal family resided. There is an open quadrangle where the ruins of Dab Lhagang, the place where the royal family used to offer prayers, remain.

    The palace is preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India and is also considered to be a monument of national importance in India.

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  • 05Darap Village

    Darap Village

    Darap village is an ideal place for those who are looking for a day amidst rich forests and amazing views of hills. The village is a part of the Darap Eco-Tourism Committee. Darap is a word which has its origins from the limbo word "tan-lop" which literally means "even land".

    Darap is emerging as a popular homestay destination amongst tourists who travel to Pelling. It is located about 6 km from Pelling en route Yuksom.

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