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Orchha Weather

The best season to visit Orchha is between the months of October and March when the winter season prevails. The above mentioned months are the most preferred options to visit Orchha as it is best for sightseeing. Moreover, with the winter season comes the festive season.


The summer season in Orchha is quite hot, and the temperature can go as high as 48° Celsius. The summer months are from April to June. Tourists are not advised to visit Orchha during the summer season. But to enjoy the blooming of Palash flowers, there are visitors in this place in March and April. Visitors are advised to carry cotton clothes during their visit in summers.  


The monsoon season sets in July and continues to show its influences till September. Moderate rainfall occurs during this season. Though Orchha can be visited during this time, it is not very recommended as there would be a lapse in activities and sightseeing during this time of the year. Tourists are advised to carry raincoats and umbrellas.


The winter season in Orchha is also not extreme with the temperature ranging from 9° Celsius to 25° Celsius Visitors are sure to have a wonderful stay in Orchha during winters as the weather remains cool and pleasant. The winter months are from October to March. This is the right time for any sightseeing in Orchha.