» »World Tourism Day 2019: Visit Taj Mahal, Other Monuments In India for Free on Sep 27

World Tourism Day 2019: Visit Taj Mahal, Other Monuments In India for Free on Sep 27

Standing in a line has always been our code of conduct to enter most of the places in India, especially, popular heritage sites, monuments, and tourists attractions. What if there was a day wherein you could enter 200 ticketed historical monuments and museums without going through the hustle. What if you could enter Taj mahal, Golconda Fort, Charminar, Hyderabad Fort, Mauryan Palace, Kumrahar, Patna, Sher Shah Suri's Tomb, excavated Vikramshila, Nalanda and Vaishali, for free. Sounds aweome right!

Thanks to the United Nations World Tourism Department, on World Tourism Day, i.e., 27th September, it will be a complimentary access to selected historical monuments. Yes! India is the host country for World Tourism Day in 2019. And as an incentive, you can visit most of the popular destinations in India free of charge.

World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day is celebrated on 27th September every year to educate people on the role of tourism in social, cultural, political and economic values ​​worldwide. It is led by the United Nations World Tourism Organization to promote international cooperation in tourism.

World Tourism Day

India In 2019

Each year, different countries host the event. Thi s year, the tourism baton is passed on to India to host the 2019 celebrations.The theme of World tourism day 2019 is 'Tourism and Employment - A Better Future for All.' And the focus will be on three developing areas; education, skills, and jobs.

World Tourism Day

Admission to the Taj Mahal is free

Entrance to the Taj Mahal is complimentary on 27th September. The Minister of Culture, Mahesh Sharma, announced that, on World Tourism Day, entry to 116 monuments and World Heritage Sites are free.

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