» »Believe It Or Not - A Skeleton Of Female "Vampire" Unearthed At Cemetery In Poland!

Believe It Or Not - A Skeleton Of Female "Vampire" Unearthed At Cemetery In Poland!


Does Bram Stoker's Dracula and Vampire Diaries ring a bell? Maybe "The Lost Boys"?

Many, even the most passionate vampire wooers identify vampires as fictional beings. However, there was a time when people had real fears about falling prey to these children of the dark. As many highbrows say "Fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth". And the truth is here!

A female corpse has been unearthed by archaeologists in Poland and the internet and more importantly, the archaeologists and experts claim the remains to be of a Female Vampire'. Yes, you heard it right, a Vampire!'

It's found that a sickle was placed purposefully around the neck and a triangular padlock on her foot at a graveyard in the village of Pien in Poland. And according to ancient beliefs and myths, the farming tool - the sickle, was used during ancient times to prevent a departed from returning from the dead.

The research team of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, led by Professor Dariusz Polinski, made this discovery in late August.


Furthermore, the remains discovered include a silk headdress weaved with Gold and silver. While the sickle and padlock are linked to the 16th century, the remains were found to represent a deceased body from a high social status.

The narrative behind the sickle and padlock is that it may have protected against the return of the dead, which was presumably feared. In this context, these traditions can be considered so-called anti-vampiric. The sickle was strategically positioned with the blade on the neck. It was accepted that such an arrangement would cause the head to be cut if the dead tried to wake up.

This sort of superstitious practice was common throughout Poland in the 16th century, as they truly believed in the vampire epidemic.

Besides using the padlock and sickle, sometimes the carcasses were burned, pounded with stones, and some had their legs or hands cut off.

In a discussion with the prime news, Polinski said the find left him wordless.
"Such a find, especially in Poland, is incredible, especially now - centuries after," he said. "Pure amazement."

This is not the first such find in Poland. Archaeologists led by Lesley Gregoricka discovered seven so-called "vampire skeletons" at a graveyard in southwest Poland in 2013.

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