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  • 01Kempty Falls

    Kempty Falls, a picturesque waterfall located at a height of 4500 ft above sea level, is counted among one of the must-visit tourist attractions of Mussoorie. Falling from a mountain, at a height of around 40 ft, it is the biggest among five waterfalls in the Mussoorie Valley. This fall is situated at a distance of around 15 km from the destination on Yamunotri Road. Owing to its panoramic surroundings, a British officer known as John Mekinan developed this spot as a tourist destination in 1835.

    The place got its name from Camp-Tea, the destination where Britishers used to have their tea parties. The Kempty Falls enters the plains after flowing through several rocks. From here, travellers can also reach the Yamuna river by going 12 km down and crossing the Aglar river. The place is popular for activities such as fishing and swimming. Regular buses for the Kempty Falls are available from Mussoorie and Dehradun.

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  • 02The Mall

    The Mall

    The Mall is a noted shopping destination located in the heart of Mussoorie. There are colonial style benches and lamp posts lined up at the roadsides, which add to the beauty of the place. The main features of this road are the video game parlours in 1980s style, the skating rinks and the Methodist Church.

    Tibetans dressed in their traditional attires can also be seen in the market selling Tibetan metalware, woollens, wooden items, wall hangings and other imported goods. Along with these things, travellers can also buy walking sticks, jewelleries, bowls, trays and cane baskets from this market.

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  • 03Lake Mist

    Lake Mist

    Lake Mist, located on the Mussoorie-Kempty Road, is an ideal spot for picnics. Tourists can enjoy boating while enjoying the heavenly aura of nature. There are several beautiful small waterfalls produced by the Kempty river, which flow through it. The place has a plethora of restaurants and accommodation facilities for visitors.

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  • 04Sisters Bazaar

    Sisters Bazaar is one of the known market places of Mussoorie. The place derives its name from the nuns, who worked in the British dormitory as nurses. Though it is called a bazaar, the place is more of a residential colony with several old cottages and shops along its roads. Visitors should definitely pay a visit to the confectionary shops here for yummy stuff.

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  • 05Jharipani Falls

    Jharipani Falls

    Jharipani Falls is a popular tourist attraction located at a distance of around 7 km from Mussoorie, near the Jharipani Village. The beautiful waterfall is located in the vicinity of eminent boarding schools such as the St. George’s, the Oak Grove and the Wynberg Allen.

    Apart from being an ideal picnic spot, this place is perfect for nature lovers and adventure aficionados. Surrounded with varied species of flowers, plants and shrubs, the place offers an amazing view of the majestic Shivalik Ranges. The step farming fields and the beautiful Doon Valley are situated on the either sides of the waterfall.

    Several buses and auto-rickshaws are available from the Jharipani Village to the waterfall. Travellers can also opt to trek for around 2 km from the village to reach the falls.

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  • 06Gun Hill

    Gun Hill, located at an elevation of 2122 m above sea level, is a noted tourist attraction of Mussoorie. It is the second highest peak of the destination and holds great historical importance. Before independence, every afternoon a canon was fired from this place to tell the locals about the time and they used to adjust their clocks accordingly. Currently, the water reservoir of Mussoorie is present on this hill.

    The place provides a beautiful view of the snow-covered Himalayan peaks and The Mall, which is a popular shopping centre in Mussoorie. To reach this place, travellers have to take a ropeway ride, which runs frequently for the convenience of the passengers. Tourists who enjoy walking can cover the distance by foot from The Mall.

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  • 07Christ Church

    Christ Church

    Christ Church constructed by the Britishers in 1836 is considered as the oldest church in the Himalayan Ranges. In 1906, the Princess of Wales (who later became Queen Mary of England) visited this church. She planted a deodar sapling in the courtyard of the church, and the tree is still there.

    The church is built in Gothic architectural style and has stained glass windows portraying the life of Jesus Christ. The altar of the church shows the crucifixion of the Lord. The interiors of the church have been done beautifully.

    Devotees in large numbers visit the church to seek blessings and wonder at the beautiful architecture. Visitors can also see a hundred year old William Hill organ, which has a lot of historical significance.

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  • 08Jwalaji Temple

    Jwalaji Temple

    Jwalaji Temple, also known as Jwala Devi Temple, is situated at an elevation of around 2100 m above sea level, is a popular religious centre of Mussoorie. Positioned on top of the Benog Hills, the path to this temple starts from the Cloud’s End and goes through thick pine and deodar forests.

    The temple which is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Durga contains a stone idol of the deity. Devotees can also enjoy fascinating views of the beautiful Yamuna Valley on one side and the Shivalik ranges on the other.  

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  • 09Mossy Falls

    Mossy Falls

    Mossy Falls, a beautiful waterfall, surrounded with dense and dark forests is located at a distance of around 7 km from Mussoorie. Travellers can reach there by the route that goes through Balahisar or Barlowganj.

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  • 10Happy Valley

    Happy Valley

    Happy Valley is situated on the west of the Library Point and goes towards the Cloud’s End. The place is known for having an IAS Academy, Municipal Garden, estates and Tibetan temples. Tourists can enjoy a walk from the Happy Valley to the Kala School, which leads to the Hathipaon Park Estate.

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  • 11Camel's Back Road

    Camel's Back Road is a 3 km long road beginning from the Library Point and leading towards the Kulri Bazaar. This road is a natural presentation of rocks in the shape of a camel’s hump; that explains perfectly why the place is named so. The road is also visible from the Mussoorie Public School and locals can be seen here carrying out their routine of the morning and evening walks.

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  • 12Tapovan


    Tapovan is a picturesque site having rich religious and historical importance. The place, which is situated on the banks of the sacred Ganges river, is surrounded by beautiful green forests. It is said that Guru Dronacharya, the popular saint from the Indian epic, the Mahabharata, underwent penance at this site.

    His ashram, the spiritual hermitage was situated near Tapovan. At present the ashram is home to numerous sages and hermits. The place is also known for several religious ceremonies and rituals.

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  • 13Mussoorie Lake

    Mussoorie Lake is a beautiful picnic spot which has been recently developed by the combined efforts of the City Board and Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority. Travellers can enjoy boating in this lake, which is located on the Mussoorie-Dehradun Road. The place offers an amazing view of the Doon Valley and villages situated nearby.

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  • 14Bhatta Falls

    Bhatta Falls

    Bhatta Falls, situated in the Bhatta Village lies on the Mussoorie-Dehradun Road, 7 km away from Mussoorie. The village can be easily reached by hiring a car or taking a bus. Bhatta Falls is a 3 km walk by foot from the village. It is a perfect picnic spot where people can also enjoy water activities.

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  • 15Vinog Mountain Quail Sanctuary

    Vinog Mountain Quail Sanctuary, founded in 1993, is located 11 km south from the Library Point. The sanctuary which sprawls over an area of 339 hectares is known for Himalayan quail or pahari bater, a bird species believed to be extinct. This bird was last seen in the year 1876.

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