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Murud Janjira Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Murud Janjira

  • 01Janjira Fort

    The Janjira Fort is a mammoth fort built way back in the 16th Century and is circumvented by the majestic Arabian Sea on all its sides. Located in Murud Janjira, in the district of Raigad in Maharashtra, this fort is a strong testimony to the great rule of the Siddi dynasty.

    The fort is said to be impregnable given the fact that it has withstood the numerous advents of the English, the Dutch, the Portuguese and the Marathas.

    The fort was originally built of wood; however, it later acquired a fortification that helped it house the ammunition to help fight the enemies. Despite the many years that have gone by, and the salty Arabian Sea that lashes against it, the fort, though putrefied, still stands tall and proud to this day.

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  • 02Murud Beach

    Murud Beach

    The Murud Beach is one of the most renowned beaches in the state of Maharashtra, and lies in Murud Janjira and stretches for 1.75 km and resembles an adorned ornament. The beach spans for a stretch replete with white sand and crystal clear water that makes this site a hotspot amongst visitors and local folks.

    The weather is usually salubrious here and the gentle sea breeze soothes your senses. It is an ideal place to relax lazily and watch the sun set in the distance. The beach definitely provides for a wonderful, memorable experience that you shall carry with you long after the trip is over.

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  • 03Dattatreya Temple

    Dattatreya Temple

    The Dattatreya Temple is a holy shrine that was built on a hill and is dedicated to Lord Dattatreya. Lying in Murud, the temple has an idol of Lord Dattatreya with three heads – each signifying a Hindu god – Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara.

    The temple was found by a certain Swami Bramhendra who found the holy footwear down the valley several centuries ago. This footwear is known as Paduka in Hindi and is greatly revered by the worshippers.

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  • 04Garambi Dam

    Garambi Dam

    The Garambi Dam was constructed by Nawab Sir Siddi Ahmed Khan. It was built during the Siddi reign, in memory of Queen Victoria. Located in the twin island of Murud Janjira, this dam has also won the famous appeal of the Victoria Jubilee Water Works.

    The Garambi Dam is a source of water supply to the entire town of Murud Janjira and the neighbouring places. It is set up against a scenic backdrop of the lush green vegetation and the sweet chirping of the many birds found here. This site is an excellent place to spend some valuable time with your family getting awed by nature’s beauty.

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