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  • 01Kali Pahadi At Jamalpu

    Kali Pahadi At Jamalpu

    Kali Pahadi is a famous hill, where the worship of Goddess Kali is carried out. Legends behold that the hill is symbolic of her divine power. The place is also a good picnic spot.

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  • 02Rishikund


    Rishikund is a hot spring located 6 miles away from Sitakund between two ridges of the Kharagpur Hills. The place benefits the areas through a reservoir meant to collect water. One can see bubbles rising at the bottom, from the western side of a ridge, as bubbles emerge from the cavities of minute craters which release gases.

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  • 03Malnipahar


    Malnipahar is a hill located in the Kharagpur Hills at a distance of seven miles north-east of Bhimbandh. At the bottom of the hill, there are a lot of springs that have been named Janamkund and these springs form to be the source of the river Anjan. The place is blessed with beauty and the temperature of the springs are quite high.

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  • 04Kastaharni Ghat

    Kastaharni Ghat

    The Kastaharni Ghat has been mentioned in Valmiki’s Ramayana and according to it, Lord Rama with his brother Lakshmana had come to this spot to take rest on their way back after confronting demoness Tarka.

    It is also believed that when Rama after marrying Sita, was travelling from Mithila to Ayodhya he had crossed Kastaharni Ghat and many of his companions had stopped for a while to bathe in the ghat. As per the popular beliefs, bathing in the ghat relieves all pains and soothes mind, body and soul.

    The place not only has religious significance for the people but also is a wonderful place to spend one's evenings and is one of the best loved tourist spots for the rich scenic beauty. Since the water on the ghat flows northward, it is also known as Uttar Vahini Ganga.

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  • 05Manpathar (Sita Charan)

    Manpathar (Sita Charan)

    Manpathar is one of the renowned rocks which is close to Kastaharni Ghat. On this rock one can find the impression of two feet believed to be the foot prints of Sita who had touched the rock while crossing Ganga. The rock is 250 m in length and 30 m in width. A small temple is present there and this place symbolizes eternal faith.

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  • 06Goenka Shivalaya

    Goenka Shivalaya

    Goenka Shivalay is one of the brightest names among all Shiva temples. It is one of the oldest and one of the most acknowledged places as far as Hindu pilgrimage is concerned. The temple has been built in the middle of a big water tank brimming with big and playful fish and watching them is a wonderful sight.

    There is ample greenery and also beautiful gardens all around. The temple brims with visitors on the occasion of festivals associated with Lord Shiva.

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  • 07Pirpahar


    Pirpahar Hill is located three miles away from Munger in the eastern direction. From the hilltop a beautiful view of the city can be enjoyed. The hill is associated with deep religious beliefs as this has been named after a Mohammedan saint whose name is unknown but devotees do come up to worship at his grave.

    There are two tombs at the foothill, one of which is in the memory of a lady named Mary Anne Beckett and and the other is of a person called D’Oyly. There is no clarity on the tombs, nevertheless, they add to the attraction and mystery of the entire location.

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  • 08Munger Fort

    Munger Fort

    The Munger Fort is the most alluring tourist spot of Munger which was built during the reign of the slave dynasty, though there is no clarity of the exact date it was built. The fort has two famous hills called the Karnachaura, and the other is a rectangular mound, which is more or less, in the location of a citadel. It was an important hub in ancient times.

    The fort has witnessed the cascade of rulers such as the Tughlaqs, Khiljis, Lodhis, Nawabs of Bengal, the Mughal rulers and lastly the British empire. This has etched a unique memory on the soul of the fort. The beauty of the fort lies in the fact that it is a home to other key religious and historical monuments like Pir Shah Nufa and Tomb of Mulla Muhammad Said.

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  • 09Kharagpur Lake

    Kharagpur Lake

    Kharagpur lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Munger and it has been further beautified by construction of a reservoir by Maharaja of Darbhanga.


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  • 10Pir Shah Nafah Shrine

    Pir Shah Nafah Shrine

    Pir Shah Nafah Shrine was built in 1177 and is located near the Munger Fort’s southern gate. The tomb is dedicated to a sufi saint hailing from Persia who was sent to Munger by Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti of Ajmer.

    The domed tomb chamber is 16 ft in height and has circular turrets. There is a rest room and prayer room too. To honour the sufi saint a mosque was constructed at the spot and every year on 1st January a musical programme is organized.

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  • 11Maruk


    Maruk is a southbound hill situated in Kharagpur Hills, 13 miles away from Munger. It is an amazing spot for a fun picnic or outdoor party with friends or family. The origin of the name Maruk Hill is unknown but is called so, probably after Maharuk trees which abound the area.

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  • 12Bihar School Of Yoga

    Bihar School Of Yoga

    Bihar School of Yoga was established by Swami Satyananda in the year 1964. This school is popular all over the world for its yoga instruction. The school teaches yoga and focuses on its vitality in personality development. This beautiful school, situated near the banks of Ganga river, welcomes students from all corners of the world with absolutely no inhibitions of caste, creed or nationality.

    The integral system of teaching yoga aims to create a perfect balance between physical, psychological and spiritual arenas of human life. The benefits of yoga are well known and hence the motto of the school is to impart awareness through meticulous techniques of yoga teaching, developed at the Bihar School of Yoga.

    These techniques are not limited to Bihar, but are used in various colleges, prisons, hospitals and institutions. The school also guides yoga projects in various corporations and medical research.

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  • 13Haha Panchkumari Waterfall

    Haha Panchkumari Waterfall

    Haha Panchkumari is an alluring waterfall above the Kharagpur dam. As per the legendary tales, the king of Kharagpur was imprisoned in Delhi and so his five daughters took refuge in Kharagpur Hills. Since then the springs have been named as Panchkumari which reminds of the five princesses who resided here.

    From Kharagpur, tourists can hire a boat and can enjoy the coolness and beauty of the springs.

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  • 14Mullah Mohammad Sayyid Grave

    Mullah Mohammad Sayyid Grave

    Mullah Mohammad Sayyid Grave is the grave of a reputed poet of Aurangzeb's court called Mullah Muhammad Sayyid. He enjoyed great favours and is known to have written under the pen name of ‘Ashraf’. The poet died in the year 1672 while on his way to Mecca Masjid.

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  • 15Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary

    Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary

    Bhimband Wildlife Sanctuary of Munger is famous all over the country for the extensive and rare variety of flora and fauna. It is located in the southwest of Munger atop the Kharagpur hills. The sanctuary is inhabited by animals such as the tiger, wild bear, nilgai, van murgi, hyena, python and barking deer to name a few.

    With respect to flora the sanctuary has got two biomes; one being the grassland biome and another being forest biome. It is a wonderful sight to witness during the migratory season. A great number of birds arrive from the Central Asia Region. Bhimband Sanctuary is one place not to be missed.

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