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  • 01Gateway Of India

    Standing tall almost 8 stories high, the Gateway of India is an architectural marvel at Colaba in Mumbai. Built keeping both Hindu and Muslim architecture in mind it was erected to commemorate the King’s visit to India in 1911.

    A trip to Mumbai is incomplete without a spot polaroid of yours with the Gateway of India in the backdrop. The Gateway of India is very proximate to Colaba causeway, a shoppers’ paradise and some of South Mumbai’s popular restaurants like Bade Miyas, Café Mondegar and the famous Café Leopold.

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  • 02Dharavi Leather Shopping

    Dharavi may be notorious as Asia’s largest slum, fact of the matter is this couldn’t be far from the truth. For good for bad Dharavi, over the years, has managed to emerge a winner in one particular area that strikes interest across the globe – Affordable Leather Shopping.

    Now picture this, you’re in the market for a premium Cerruti Leather Wallet, but with a limited budget. Dharavi’s the place to be. What’s better is, that even though Dharavi may deal in certain imitations, the quality is amazing, in most cases better than the original, and this isn’t a mere overstatement.

    Most people in Mumbai swear by the durability of the products sold here. If you’re not an Indian beware, Dharavi shop owners are always looking for westerners to make money off, so make sure you take a friend along.

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  • 03Juhu Beach

    For all you beach lovers, Juhu Beach is by far the most accessible and filled with life, practically round the clock. Around 30 minutes from Bandra, its worth trying all the beach food, exclusive to Mumbai, like Bhel Puri, Paani Puri and the typical Mumbai Sandwich.

    Ice Popsicles, better known as Golas also top the tourist’s list of tastiest food. Juhu Beach is fairly safe with both life guards and police available round the clock. Come evening, and hundreds of residents and tourist flock here to witness the sunset.

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  • 04Haji Ali Juice Centre

    Haji Ali Juice Centre

    If you’ve visited the Haji Ali mosque, there’s no way you could’ve missed the Haji Ali juice centre right outside the walkway that leads to the mosque. The juice centre is a favourite with everyone, the average pedestrian, the pilgrim visiting the mosque or the late night partier. Haji Ali Juice Centre specializes in some unique concoctions, apart from the more traditional fresh juices.

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  • 05Haji Ali Mosque

    The Haji Ali Mosque, at Mumbai is a spectacle off the Worli sea face. Nestled on a shelf off the coast, it is connected to the coast via a long artificial jetty that is seldom a stranger to a crowd of pilgrims making their way to and from the dargah.

    A once in a lifetime experience, tourists of all religions, castes and origins make their way to the Haji Ali Dargah. Word of advice, if not bound by the laws of worship, Friday is not the best day for a tourist to visit the magnificent Haji Ali Dargah, owing to overcrowding.

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  • 06Central Park

    Central Park

    Inspired by New York’s central park, Kharghar in Mumbai’s satellite city, Navi Mumbai, is in the process of perfecting a theme park spread over 80 hectares of land and the largest in the region.

    A walk around the Kharghar central park is no piece of cake and the various attractions, monuments and activities within make it worth a visit. The sheer size of this park is intimidating, and it houses an 18 hole Golf course as well!

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  • 07Essel World And Water Kingdom

    Gear up for one of Asia’s largest amusement parks! Built to replicate the Disney Land model, Essel World in Mumbai makes for an amazingly fun packed day. It’s not really a place for the adventure and speed phobic individual, but then again, this amusement park has all kinds of rides and activities to suit all age groups.

    The general upkeep of the amusement park is at par with international standards, and tourists love the energy here. Water Kingdom is yet another theme park situated right beside Essel World. Tourists may obtain a combined day pass for both Essel World and Water Kingdom, though we suggest visiting these places on two different days to do justice to all the rides and attractions.

    Water Kingdom is an aqua lover’s dream come true with state of the art water rides, slides and the enormous wave pool! Essel World and Water Kingdom are both accessible via road although the best way to get there is to hop onto a ferry boat at Gorai.

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  • 08Fashion Street

    For those of you based around town side Mumbai, Fashion Street is to Town as Linking Road is to Bandra. Fashion street is an impossibly long line of street vendors specializing in low cost garments, footwear and accessories from the world over!

    Put on your bargaining game and you might just walk away with a steal. Fashion street is proximate to some of Mumbai’s best restaurants and coffee houses like Croissants at Churchgate and Not just Jazz by the Bay on Marine Drive.

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  • 09Bandra Steet Shopping

    For those of you who’ve had your feed with brand shopping it’s time to hit the streets at Bandra. Gone are the days when Mumbai roadside stall shopping meant the product wouldn’t survive more than 6 months. Today, these guys, the vendors on the streets have taken it upon themselves to offer durability that rivals retail stores.

    So go ahead, spoil yourself with some cheap footwear, everyday t-shirts, men and women’s accessories and even some low end electronics. The two best places to shop on the street at Bandra are Linking Road and Hill Road.

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  • 10Celebrity Homes

    Celebrity Homes

    Mumbai is home to the starts of Bollywood, no doubts there. The glitterati of Bollywood can often be spotted at malls and shopping complex or one may decide to take a trip down to see, first hand, some of the country’s most popular Bollywood homes.

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  • 11Bandstand

    Another popular sea front in Mumbai, Bandstand features some up-market coffee houses, a perfectly lit promenade, some traditional Mumbai cutting chai (tea) and an experience to speak volumes about. From Bandstand, one can also walk down to some famous Bollywood celebrity homes like Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat and Salman Khan’s residence at Galaxy Tower.

    Bandstand has often been referred to as lover’s point in Mumbai owing to a large number of school and college students skipping class to come and witness Mumbai in its true sense, first hand.

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  • 12Hanging Garden

    Hanging Garden is the city’s oldest and best preserved park. Very strategically located, the most popular attraction in the park is the giant old lady’s shoe where many photography enthusiasts try their luck at a good capture. Hanging Garden is close to Kemps Corner and the stylish Porsche Showroom.

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  • 13Ice Bar

    Mumbai is by no means used to cold weather. Off late, the city has been seeing chilly winters, then again, nowhere close to single digits. 21 degrees Fahrenheit at Andheri in Mumbai is a welcome change from the warm tropical climate Mumbai has to offer. Put on a Parka and a set of borrowed mittens and make an evening of it at the city’s Ice Bar.

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  • 14Colaba Causeway

    If Mumbai is where fashion began in India, then Causeway is where Street Shopping began in Mumbai. Not just that, Causeway’s so popular with the street shoppers that the brand showrooms in the area hardly do any business. Causeway is very close to places like the Gateway of India, Victoria Terminus, the iconic Regal Cinema and Leopold Café.

    The best way to experience Causeway and the areas around it is on foot. Girls to note, this is the place to be for accessory shopping. Rumour has it that most leading superstores in Mumbai source their accessories from Causeway or the same place that all the stalls at Causeway get them from, so why pay extra?

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  • 15AER Lounge

    Seldom does a lounge offer such a breathtaking view of a metropolitan night. For all you party lovers, Four Seasons at Prabhadevi in Mumbai features a roof-top lounge, AER. What’s the USP? It’s on the 34th Floor. With its huge glass frontage and ever so airy smoking zone, AER lounge is the highest rooftop lounge bar in the country. It’s certainly worth a visit and the cost is every bit justified!

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