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  • 01Prem Wonderland And Prem Water Kingdom

    Prem Wonderland And Prem Water Kingdom

    Situated near the railway crossing on Rampur on the outskirts of Moradabad, Prem Wonderland and Prem Water Kingdom is a huge entertainment complex. It offers a wide array of water sports and other entertainment activities for the people of all age groups, especially children in the city and the surrounding areas who visit it very often to pass their time.

    The complex contains several sites for a complete family fun. The water sports include water balloon fighting. There is an open stage for various programmes including dance performances and elephant rides. Prem Wonderland and Prem Water Kingdom are believed to be the largest entertainment parks in western Uttar Pradesh.

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  • 02Bade Hanuman Ji Temple

    Bade Hanuman Ji Temple

    Bade Hanuman Ji Temple is situated at Hanumanghari in a small town of Chandausi in district Moradabad. This is one of the ancient and most famous temples in the region. It houses the statues of Lord Hanuman.

    It is believed to have been built approximately 400 years back and is located close to the Sita Ashram Playground at Hanumanghari. The temple is built atop a small mount. There is a cave below the idol of Hanuman. It is believed that it runs through a large part of the city. According to legends, Lord Hanuman was incarnated at this spot.

    He appeared on his own, and the place was marked by his statue. The temple also houses the idols of Lord Ram and the members of his family, Shri Krishna’s family and Lord Shiva’s family besides the idols of Goddess Durga, Lord Bhairo, Sai Baba and several other saints, gods and goddesses. The temple is a favourite destination of his devotees who come here to seek his blessings.

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  • 03Sita Temple

    Sita Temple

    Sita Temple, though named after Rama’s consort Sita, unfortunately does not contain her statue. It is located 1 km from village Nanore on Jalilpur-Chandrapur road. It is also called Sita Mandir Math by the residents of the area.

    According to legends, Sita, intending to end her life, jumped upon a spot and the earth parted to engulf her. Later a temple, which is now known as Sita Temple, was built to commemorate the event.

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  • 04Vidur Kuti

    Vidur Kuti

    Vidur was a highly revered personage in Mahabharata because he exhibited the qualities of saintliness, truthfulness and impartiality. It is said that when the war of Mahabharata was to begin, he was requested by both the warring factions, Kaurvas and Pandavas, to take care of their women and children so that they were not killed in the war.

    Since his own house could not accommodate all of them, he built a separate protection home for their safety. It was called Vidur Kutir or an ashram. Later when differences cropped between him and Duryodhana, he decided to stay in this kutir for the rest of his life.

    It is believed that Vidur Kutir was consecrated by the visit of Lord Krishna who also admired Vidur for his sagacity. The Kutir is situated in Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh at a place now known as Daranagar, approximately 12 km from Bijnor.

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  • 05Najibudaulah's Fort

    Najibudaulah's Fort

    Situated at Najababad in Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh, Najibudaulah’s Fort was built by Ghulam Kadir alias Najibudaulah in 18th century after the downfall of the Mughal Empire. Ghulam Kadir was a notorious dacoit called Sultana Dakoo. A clever burglar, he would hide in this fort to avoid being arrested by the British police. The fort stands intact even to this day and is a popular tourist destination.

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  • 06Mandawar Ka Mahal

    Mandawar Ka Mahal

    Queen Victoria of England was fond of Urdu language. She called a Munsh (teacher) Mazhar Ali from India to her palace in England to teach her Urdu and Persian languages. Pleased and gratified with the services of the Munshi, she built a palace for him in Mandawar, called Mandawar ka Mahal in 1850.

    The palace is located 8 km from another interesting shrine. It is called Galkha Devi temple. The shrine is situated on Mandawar Blawali Road close to the village Kundanpur. It is believed that when Rukmani visited this place for worship, she was whisked away by her lover, Lord Krishna.

    Tourists and pilgrims visiting Mandawar ka Mahal make it a point not to miss out visiting Galkha Devi temple.

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  • 07Rampur Raza Library

    Rampur Raza Library

    Rampur Raza Library is situated in Rampur in Uttar Pradesh. It was set up by Nawab Faizullah Khan in 1774. He gave away all the books he had inherited from his predecessors along with those kept in the Nawabs’ Toshakhana. It houses an extensive collection of books on Indo-Islamic cultural heritage.

    Since Rampur was a state in British times, its successive Nawabs or rulers made valuable contributions to the enhancement of its value. The rich repertoire of the library comprises a varied and valuable collection of books, historical monuments, manuscripts, Mughal miniature paintings, rare pictorial works in Persian and Arabic languages, samples of Islamic calligraphy and astronomical instruments.

    The library contains a treasure trove of rare books in Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu, Tamil, Turkish and Pashto literatures. It's proud possession, however, is the original manuscript of the first translation of the holy Quran. It contains more than 30,000 books and periodicals in several languages. The library is currently under the management of the government of India.

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  • 08Chandausi - Rambagh Dham

    Chandausi - Rambagh Dham

    One of the most magnificent shrines in the city, Rambagh Dham is located in a tranquil environment on Rambagh Road near village Kaithal. The temple is dedicated to the Nau Devis or the nine goddesses, the different forms of Goddess Parvati.

    The sanctum sanctorum of the temple houses the idol of Goddess Durga along with eight other goddesses. Other chambers of the temple lodge the idols of other gods and goddesses including Hanumanji, Jawalaji and Radha Krisha among others. Atop the main entry gate of the temple is a visual of Ram Darbar which is believed to guard the temple against evil forces.

    There is no other security arrangement around the shrine. The temple becomes a hub of religious activities especially during the Navratri and Nav Durga festivals when it is extensively decorated with colourful lights that give it a festive look. Several religious and cultural programmes are held here including dance competitions.

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  • 09Jama Masjid

    Jama Masjid

    Jama Masjid is situated opposite to Hamsafar Hall, a Marriage Hall, in village Baquipur in Moradabad district. The mosque overlooking Ganga river was built by Rustam Khan in 1631.

    It is a grand symbol of the Mughal style of architecture that marked the construction of magnificent monuments like the Red Fort in Delhi and Taj Mahal in Agra. The huge building has a spacious courtyard which is used for prayers five times daily.

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  • 10Chandausi - Lord Venugopal Ji Temple

    Chandausi - Lord Venugopal Ji Temple

    Dedicated to Lord Krishna and his consort, Radha, Venu Gopalji Temple is located at Ram Bagh Road in Chandausi. The temple does not have any management committee or trust to look after it. Only a priest and his family who reside on its premises take care of it on their own.

    A special feature of the temple is the celebrations of Krishna Janmashtami, or the birthday of Lord Krishna. Other festivals are also organized on different occasions.

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  • 11Chandausi - Kunj Bihari Temple

    Chandausi - Kunj Bihari Temple

    Dedicated to Lord Krishna who is also known as Kunj Bihari, Kunj Bihari Temple is located opposite to Ram Bagh Dham in the serene environment of the outskirts of the city. It is an ancient temple that also houses a 200-year-old Shivalya, a shrine dedicated to God Shiva, in its sprawling complex. It attracts a constant stream of devotees of Shiva around the year and particularly during the festivals.

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  • 12Sai Temple

    Sai Temple

    Located in Deen Dayal Nagar, Phase II close to Shri Sai Karuna Dham in Moradabad, Sai Temple is dedicated to Sai Baba of Shirdi. Since the revered saint believed in Sabka Malik Ek and was also known for his mystical healing powers, the shrine is a favourite destination for followers of all faiths in the city.

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  • 13Chandausi - Lord Shani Temple

    Chandausi - Lord Shani Temple

    Situated on Sita Ashram Road opposite to R.R.K.School in Chandausi, Shani Devta Mandir is built in black because of Shani God to whom it is dedicated. Shani Devta wears black clothes, carries a sword, arrows and two daggers and the statue is made accordingly. He is often depicted mounting a black crow, which is his favourite vahan-carrier.

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  • 14Chandausi - Braham Dev Ji Temple

    Chandausi - Braham Dev Ji Temple

    Located in Braham Bazar close to Babu Ram Halwai and Kallu Halwai in the city of Chandausi, Braham Dev Ji Temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and his consort Goddess Radha. It also houses the idols of Hanumanji, Goddess Kali and the Shiv family.

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  • 15Pataleshwar Temple

    Pataleshwar Temple

    Pataleshwar Temple is located in a tiny village called Sadatbadi, approximately 6 km from Bahjoi on the Moradabad-Agra highway. It is dedicated to God Shiva, a benevolent God who accepts all kinds of offers made in good faith by his devotees ranging from milk to Bhang Dhatura.

    The residents of this area have, however, added another item to the list of varied offerings to pay their homage to the benevolent and munificent God. Of numerous offerings of a varied things, it is intriguing that the 'brooms' also is one among them. They believe that the offer of brooms to God Shiva in Patleshwar Temple can cure them of all kinds of skin diseases.

    All they need to do is to take a pledge that they will offer a broom when they are relieved of the ailment. The century old temple, therefore, is a huge draw with the sufferers of skin diseases. The number of devotees swells to huge crowds on Mondays that are considered auspicious days for worshipping God Shiva.

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