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Mon Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Mon

  • 01Veda Peak

    Also known as Pak Koi, Veda Peak is the highest peak of the Mon district in Nagaland. Situated approximately 70 kilometres from the district headquarters, you will experience a picturesque view of the mountains and the rivers from Veda Peak, which will surely mesmerise you. You can view the mighty Brahmaputra and the Chindwin rivers from the peak on a clear day.

    There is also a waterfall near the peak. The area around the waterfalls is considered to be one of the most beautiful locations in the entire Konyak countryside. Historically, too, Veda Peak is of importance as the British soldiers first erected their camps here. This is also the place where the British grew the first opium plants in the Naga Hills. The beauty of the place, the view of the tumultuous Brahmaputra and the pristine surroundings all come together to give you an experience of a lifetime.

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  • 02Shangnyu Village

    Shangnyu Village

    One of the most important and traditional villages of the Mon district, Shangnyu village, is headed by the chief Angh. The chief’s house is the main attraction of the village which is all adorned with wooden carving and an inspiring wooden entrance. It is believed that the exotic Angh’s residence has been built by heavenly angels. The structure is 8 feet high and 12 feet in breadth. It is also believed by the villagers that the Angh’s residence had been built somewhere during the Metallic Age, which means that the structure is roughly more than 500-600 years old.

    The structure has carvings of human forms as well as other creatures. There is also a memorial stone that stands tall in front of the Angh’s palace. History also shows that the Anghs of the Shangnyu village coexisted with the Ahom kings of neighbouring and present-day Assam. The residents of the villagers are Konyaks.


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  • 03Chui Village (Basti)

    Chui Village (Basti)

    An imposing statue of the Angh chief, Wangkhao Angh, with elaborate accessories stands at the entrance of the Angh’s house in the biggest house of the Chui village or Basti. Chui village is considered as another key destination for tourists wanting to know about the warrior tribes - Konyaks. The headhunting tribe that full-fledgedly practiced their customs may no longer be seen in entirety, but there are several remains of the glorious past in this village.

    When you enter the Angh’s house in Chui village, apart from the statue, you will come across displays of skulls of enemies who were supposedly killed by the chiefs at various times. Chui village is located very close to the district headquarters of Mon and you can easily drive down to Basti in tourist taxis. The natural surroundings and the historical essence in every corner is worth a visit while planning a trip to Nagaland.

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  • 04Longwa Village

    Longwa Village

    How many places have you visited that lie halfway through an international border? Not many, is it not? In such a case, visiting Longwa village will be an experience in itself. Interestingly, one half of the Angh’s (chief’s) house falls in India and the other half falls in Myanmar. As per the tradition, the village is still under the control of the Angh and the village Council Chairman. The chief Angh has 60 wives.

    The villagers of Longwa have dual citizenship as they live in Myanmar and India at the same time. The Longwa village is also inhabited by the Konyaks. Since the Konyaks are known as headhunters, the presence of skulls as home decorations is very evident around the village. It is also one of the biggest villages of the district. You can also stay in the village as the church authorities run a three-room tourist cottage.

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