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Places to Visit Near Medak | Weekend Getaways from Medak

  • 01Nizamabad, Telangana

    Nizamabad – The City Of Nizams

    Nizamabad, also known as Indhooru and Indhrapuri, is a city as well as a municipal corporation located in the Nizamabad district of the south Indian state of Telengana.......

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    Distance from Medak
    • 108 km - 1 Hr, 40 min
    Best Time to Visit Nizamabad
    • Oct-Feb
  • 02Adilabad, Telangana

    Adilabad - The Town of Cultural Convergence

    Adilabad is a municipal town that lies within the Adilabad district and the town is also the headquarters for the district. Adilabad district is part of the south Indian state......

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    Distance from Medak
    • 236 km - 3 Hrs, 30 min
    Best Time to Visit Adilabad
    • Oct-Feb
  • 03Nagarjuna Sagar, Telangana

    Nagarjunasagar - The Buddhist Town

    Nagarjunasagar, an important place for the Buddhists all over the world, is a small town located in the southern Indian state of Telengana. Apart from being a pilgrim centre,......

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    Distance from Medak
    • 258 km - 4 Hrs, 10 min
    Best Time to Visit Nagarjuna Sagar
    • Oct-Feb
  • 04Hyderabad, Telangana

    Hyderabad - The City Of Pearls

    Hyderabad, a much sought-after tourist destination of southern India is the common capital city of Telangana and Seemandhra. The city, established by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah of......

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    Distance from Medak
    • 95 km - 1 Hr, 35 min
    Best Time to Visit Hyderabad
    • Nov-Jan
  • 05Warangal, Telangana

    Warangal - A Wondrous Expanse Of Historical Significance

    Warangal is a district located in the southern state of Telangana in India, and was the capital of the Kakatiya kingdom that ruled from 12 to 14th century AD. Warangal was......

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    Distance from Medak
    • 159 km - 2 Hrs, 40 min
    Best Time to Visit Warangal
    • Sep-Mar
  • 06Nanded, Maharashtra

    Nanded And The Gurus …

    Nanded is a centrally located township in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra and has off late attracted a lot of investment from developers and religious organizations alike......

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    Distance from Medak
    • 203 km - 3 Hrs 44 mins
    Best Time to Visit Nanded
    • Oct-Mar
  • 07Nalgonda, Telangana

    Nalgonda – The Glorious Past And Present

    Nalgonda is a municipal town in the Nalgonda district of the state of Telengana. The name of the town is a combination of two Telugu words; Nalla and Konda that stand for......

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    Distance from Medak
    • 196 km - 3 Hrs, 10 min
    Best Time to Visit Nalgonda
    • Oct-Feb

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