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  • 01Moreh,Chandel

    Moreh is the commercial town of Manipur and serves as the gateway to Myanmar. Moreh gives tourists an interesting mix of culture where the indigenous tribes of Manipur have been living in harmony with the tribes from across the border. Moreh is gaining prominence as a significant economic town thanks to the liberal economic policies of the country.

    Moreh is also being looked as the gateway to many other south-east Asian nations, and if the Trans-Asian Super Highway project is completed soon, Moreh will see immense development in the near future. If tourists have a visa they can also cross-over the boundary and reach Tamu - the sister-town of Moreh in Myanmar.

    Many commercial establishments are coming up in Moreh, and cross-country trading has also increased. Moreh is 70 km from Chandel, the district headquarters while it is 110 km from the state capital Imphal. To reach Moreh, tourists will have to reach Chandel first.

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  • 02Keibul Lamjao National Park,Bishnupur

    Keibul Lamjao National Park is different and one of its kind; it is the only floating park in the world, home to a variety of animals and birds. Situated in Bishnupur district close to the town of Thanga, the Keibul Lamjao National Park is an integral part of the Loktak Lake.

    The biggest attraction of the lake is the endangered Eld’s deer or the brow-antlered Deer, locally known as sangai. It is the dancing deer which makes Bishnupur and Manipur famous. Keibul Lamjao was declared a national park in 1977 mainly to protect the sangai, whereas, earlier it was declared a sanctuary.

    Keibul Lamjao National Park floats because of a unique ecosystem. Most of the vegetation in the park is in the form of the floating marshes called phumdi. Tourists can directly travel from Imphal (53 km away) to visit the park. The best time to visit it is between October and February.

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  • 03Khayang Peak,Ukhrul

    Khayang Peak

    The Khayang Peak is the highest peak of Ukhrul district. It lies at an altitude of 3114 m above sea level. The peak truly gives a complete kaleidoscopic view of the entire region - the flowing hills, the winding streams, undulating valleys and the colourful hamlets.

    The view from the Khayang Peak is magical in simple words. Trekking up the hill to reach the peak is a favourite activity of many locals as well as tourists. While trekking up the hill, one will witness beautiful scenery all around that is bound to mesmerise one and all.

    However, the Khayang peak is not very popular mainly because the adjoining Shirui Kashung Peak is more easily accessible and more popular. Travelling to Khayang Peak from Ukhrul town is not difficult. Private vehicles can be hired or else if anyone is interested in trekking, they can also walk up the hills.

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  • 04Khuga Dam,Churachandpur

    Khuga Dam

    Khuga Dam in Churachandpur district is one of the major lifelines for the district. Created for several purposes, such as electricity generation and water supply, the Khuga Dam is also a popular tourist attraction. The Khuga Dam has been built over an artificial lake, and is popularly used as picnic spots by locals.

    The dam was started in 1983, but its condition deteriorated in the ensuing years. However, work was resumed in the year 2002 to reclaim it and utilise it for various purposes. In 2010, Sonia Gandhi inaugurated the revived dam.

    Built at an estimate cost of Rs. 2.5 billion, the dam’s height is 38 m while its width is 230 m. It is situated close to the Mata village and has helped in improving the economy of the district. It is believed that today Churachandpur has revived much of its stature, thanks to the construction of the dam.

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  • 05Mao,Senapati


    The town of Mao is of immense significance to the state of Manipur as it serves as the gateway to the state. The town is located at a distance 45 kilometres from Senapati along the National Highway 39, which is considered to be the lifeline of Manipur. Often termed as the Mao Gate, this town opens the district of Senapati and the state to the rest of the country.

    This town is one of the busiest commercial destinations in the state as most of the trade routes into Manipur lead thorough this town. The multicultural town boats of people from all across Manipur and neighbouring states of Nagaland. The town also serves as the granary to the nearby villages and towns in Manipur. Here, you will also get a chance to shop for goods from different countries of Southeast Asia, with goods from Myanmar attracting a large number of buyers.

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  • 06Palace Of Kangala,Imphal

    A place of pride for the Manipuris, the Palace of Kangla has been standing strong since the 17th century. Kangla comes from the Meitei word meaning ‘dry land’. The Palace of Kangla, commonly known as the Kangla Fort is situated on the banks of the Imphal river and can well be described as a fortress city.

    Though much of it is in ruins now, it isn’t difficult to guess that once it held important political and religious significance. The Palace of Kangla also served as the seat of the Meitei kings who ruled over Manipur. The astounding brick walls served as a prison in 1632 AD when Chinese prisoners were captured and kept here.

    After the Manipuri kings lost to the British in the Anglo-Manipur War in 1891, the fort was occupied by the security forces. Even after Independence, the Assam Rifles occupied the fort, and it was only in 2004 that it was handed over to the state government.

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  • 07Waithou Lake,Thoubal

    Waithou Lake

    The Thoubal district is known for its many lakes and rivers with part of the famous Loktak Lake falling in the district. The Waithou Lake makes Waithou an interesting visit in the Thoubal District. The Waithou Lake magnifies the scenic beauty of the place.

    The lake lies in the northern part of the district and has been formed by the drained water getting collected that comes from the Waithou hill and the many paddy fields on the west and east. It is located 16 km from Imphal on the Imphal-Myanmar road and only about 3 km from Thoubal district headquarters.

    Earlier the Waithou Lake was the breeding ground for the endangered fish species called ‘Ngaton’. However, after the Cheksabi barrage was constructed in the 1970s over the lake, the Ngaton vanished completely from the lake. In the land around the lake, pineapples grow and are quite famous.

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  • 08Zeilad Lake,Tamenglong

    Zeilad Lake

    The Tamenglong district of Manipur has the most number of lakes. In fact, it is the only area of the state which has so many water bodies. The only exception is Loktak Lake in Imphal district. Zeilad Lake is one of the many lakes in Tamenglong and the most famous one too.

    Situated on a high platform up on the hill, the lake is noted for its picturesque location and abundant scope for adventure. There are many pythons, fish, tortoises and water birds that have made the Zeilad Lake their home. It is another reason people come visiting the Lake. Many migratory birds also come here every day.

    Zeilad Lake has recently been declared as one of the four wildlife sanctuaries of Manipur. Zeilad Lake is located at Makoi near the town of Tamenglong. There are six other lakes near to Zeilad, some of which are Nrou Zei, Guiphop Zei and Nap-sam Zei.

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  • 09Khangkhui Cave,Ukhrul

    A natural limestone cave, locally called Khangkhui Mangsor Cave, is an archaeologist’s delight. It is also one of the oldest archaeological caves in India. The Khangkhui Mangsor Cave is located in Khangkhui, a small Tangkhul Naga village, 16 kilometres from Ukhrul.

    The cave has a huge hall also known as the durbar hall of the devil. It is believed that the devil lived in the cave. There is a northern hall in the cave which was used by the devil as his bedroom which he shared with his two wives. The two wives also had two separate chambers. In total, the cave has five tunnels.

    Archaeological evidences in the Khangkhui Mangsor Cave show that the cave has been there since the Palaeolithic age and a lot of artefacts dating to that time have been found. During the Second World War, the cave was used as a shelter by the local people.

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  • 10Khongjom,Thoubal

    Khonjam is one of the most famous destinations in Thoubal district. It was in Khonjam that the last battle of independence was fought by the Manipuris against the British. The battle took place in April 1891 after the Manipuris had killed the British Chief Commissioner and other members of his party.

    Though the Manipuris were no match to the British in terms of manpower or weapons, they fought with all their might. The battle, which was led by Major General Paona Brajabashi, symbolizes the fierce willpower of the Manipuris even though they lost the battle.

    Khonjam is located 10 km from Thoubal and 32 km from Imphal. A small war memorial has been erected on the hillock to commemorate the war heroes. Every year, the 23rd April has been declared as a state holiday in Manipur in remembrance of the battle. Khonjam is connected by the National Highway, and it also has a tourist home.

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  • 11Loktak Lake,Bishnupur

    Loktak Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Northeast India, an important tourist attraction of Bishnupur. The lake is located 48 km from Imphal and can easily be reached on hired cars and buses. A major attraction of Bishnupur, the Keibul Lamjao National Park, the world's largest floating park, is located on the southern shore of this lake.

    An interesting aspect of the Loktak Lake is that it is the only floating lake in the whole world. The lake has floating islands on it called the ‘phumdis’ which are also inhabited by the fishermen of the surrounding areas. Some of the phumdis are artificially created for fish farming.

    A visit to the Loktak Lake in Bishnupur district is incomplete without stepping foot on the Sendra Island. The Sendra Island on the Loktak Lake is a popular picnic spot for the locals, whereas, for the tourist spot it is an added attraction while visiting Loktak Lake.

    Apart from boating, the island also offers other sporting activities. The cafeteria in the Sendra Tourist Home is one of the prime attractions on the island from where the floating marshes, the clean blue waters and dozens of boats can be clearly seen. The island also offers a bird’s eye view of most parts of the imposing lake. The lake is home to several migratory and resident birds and thus, birds can be watched from the island.

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  • 12Ngaloi Falls,Churachandpur

    Ngaloi Falls

    Ngaloi Falls is rapidly emerging as one of those tucked-away yet must-visit tourist attractions in Churachandpur. Located in the Ngaloi village amidst abundant greenery, the Ngaloi Falls is imposing and fascinating. The Ngaloi village is also known as Ngaloimoul.

    The Ngaloi village is located 9 km from the district headquarters of Churachandpur and can easily be reached on taxis and buses. Since the Ngaloi Falls manages to attract many tourists, numerous vehicles are easily available. The trip to the waterfalls and back doesn’t take a day if you are not planning to spend too much time there.

    A few hours and tourists can easily come back to Churachandpur. Tourists can enjoy a peaceful trip to the village and be surprised by the waterfalls. Many have spent hours watching the tranquil falls cascade down the rocks. The gushing sound of the water and the pleasantly beautiful location makes Ngaloi Falls peaceful.

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  • 13Tharon Cave,Tamenglong

    Tharon Cave

    Located 27 km from the district headquarters of Tamenglong, Tharon Cave is a 655.6 m long cave. Tharon Cave, also spelled as Thaeuluan Cave, has five exits and 34 joints. Excavations on the cave have revealed evidences of the Hobinian culture of North Vietnam and prove that it has been there for ages.

    For those who want to explore the inside of the cave, the map of the entire 655.6 m long cave is drawn at the entrance of the cave. This helps the enthusiasts to locate each and every nook and turn inside the cave and also figure out the alley ways inside.

    The map is engraved and painted on the stone at the entrance. Tharon Cave is an interesting destination for adventurers. If you are visiting Manipur do not forget to include the Tharon Cave in your itinerary as this will definitely be an experience of a lifetime.

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  • 14Wangkhei Shree Govindajee Temple,Imphal

    Shree Govindajee Temple is one of those auspicious yet unassuming temples one finds where sanctity and piety come without any guidance. It is a Vaishnavite centre and is one of the main temples of Manipur.

    Located near the Maharaja’s Royal Palace, the temple is divided into two parts, the internal sanctum and the outer jacket. Lord Govindajee is placed in the inner sanctum while idols of Jagannath, Subhadra, Balaram and Krishna are placed on the chambers or shrines known as Salas around the temple.

    Plaster and wood have been used to make all the idols. The temple was built around 1846 by the king ruling Manipur. It is located just 1km from the town centre. Wangkhei is the handloom and handicrafts locality of Imphal. The entire state handloom is primarily made here and sent to the other parts of the city and state. Here, the women are the primary weavers.

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  • 15Yangkhullen,Senapati


    Yangkhullen is a small village which is located 26 kilometres from the town of Senapati and offers you a glimpse into the history of this place. Here, you will get to see the primitive social and economic life of the people, which prevails even in this day and age. These traditions have been practised by the people for centuries. The tools that these people use and the way they create artefacts have been passed across generations. The whole village lives like a large family where the work is shared at a community level.

    This village is located amidst the steep cliff of a beautiful landscape, which offers some breathtaking view of the valley, adding to the value quotient of your trip. The people of this village have preserved the natural beauty around the village, which makes it a pleasurable tour for anyone. You will come across many rare plant species in this village.

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