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Mangalore Weather

The best season to visit Mangalore is the winter as the humidity is comparatively less around this time of the year.


Mangalore has a hot and humid climate all through the year. It is quite hot in the summer when the temperature ranges between 24℃ or 82.4° F to 34℃ or 93.2° F.


June to September is the monsoon season with extreme humidity compared to any other time of the year. The average rainfall is about 750mm or 30inches during the rainy season. Due to the presence of Western Ghats rainfall in Mangalore is comparatively high.


Humidity in winter is relatively low with the months of December to March being extremely dry and cold. A temperature range of 30 °C or 86 °F to 19 °C or 66 °F makes this season the most favourable for the tourists.