Jami Masjid, Mandu

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The Jami Masjid, built in 1454 by the rulers of the Ghauri Dynasty, has stood a silent spectator to history. A place of worship and historical significance, the pillars and the cobbled pathways offer a place to introspect and regain balance amidst the hectic pace of life. The magnificence of the building is reminiscent of the great mosque of Damascus.

The mosque reflects the Pashtun style of architecture and ‘Jami Masjid’ literally translates as the “Great Mosque”. Despite the sheer size, the simplicity of the architecture makes the mosque inviting as against being formidable.

The large courtyards, numerous pillars and grand entrances speak to those who pass through just as they did all those many years ago. If religion is not the reason, the magnificence of a structure that has stood the test of time and echoes of grandeur and magnificence must be experienced to be understood.


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