Darwazes, Mandu

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Darwazes simply translates as “gateways or doorways”. They form the entryways into the city of monuments. Mandu’s claim to fame through history has been the fort that formed the perimeter of the city. It has been one of India’s most fortified cities in history. The fort till date is the most magnificent of forts that lives up to its reputation.

The 12 gateways at regular intervals break the 45 km wall that encloses the city of Mnadu. The most celebrated gateway of all is the “Delhi Darwaza” that served as the main entrance to the city. The present day road or entrance to the city is through the Alamgir and Bhangi Darwaza. Rampol Darwaza, Tarapur gate and Jehangir gate are some other darwazes of importance.

The entryway of a kingdom, it was believed, proclaimed the might and the dominance to all those who witnessed a city from the outside. The gates of Mandu were a magnificent portal to resplendent architectural marvels within the city.

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