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  • 01Amrutanjan Point,Khandala

    Amrutanjan Point

    Amrutanjan Point is yet another point at the beginning of the Khandala Ghat, situated at the end of the first slope. It provides a breathtaking view of the places nearby. The point aptly showcases the magnificence of the valley as well as the Duke’s Nose. The city of Khopooli can also be seen from this point.

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  • 02Aawashabari Point,Toranmal

    Aawashabari Point

    The Aawashabhari Point is a splendid view point that allows a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and the Forest Rest House. It is situated close to the boundary of the state of Madhya Pradesh. The nearby Jalindranath Temple is a major tourist attraction. The Fort of Gond Raja in the vicinity is another must visit site for history enthusiasts.

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  • 03Abdul Baba Cottage,Shirdi

    Abdul Baba Cottage

    Abdul Baba is one of Sai Baba’s most ardent worshippers and his cottage is a must-see for anyone who visits Shirdi. The cottage has some interesting memoirs that captured the time Baba himself spent there. It is small and its walls are coloured green. The cottage is located right opposite the Chavadi.

    The main room of the house exhibits articles of Baba with Abdul. One photograph also captures Baba with Swami Chinmayanand. There is an alley behind Abdul Baba’s house which leads to Laxmibai Shinde’s house. The cottage can be visited any time between 7 am and 10 pm.

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  • 04Ambarkhana Fort,Panhala

    Ambarkhana Fort

    The Fort of Ambarkhana is a must visit while you visit Panhala. The fort was built under the Marathas and stands strong and tall even to this day. The administrative division and the palace – Mint – were accommodated in this fort.

    The nearby age old building called Dhanyancha Kothar was used to pile and store food grains. There are three granaries in all, namely the Ganga, Jamuna and Saraswati. Each of them could store up to 25,000 khandis of grain.

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  • 05AER Lounge,Mumbai

    Seldom does a lounge offer such a breathtaking view of a metropolitan night. For all you party lovers, Four Seasons at Prabhadevi in Mumbai features a roof-top lounge, AER. What’s the USP? It’s on the 34th Floor. With its huge glass frontage and ever so airy smoking zone, AER lounge is the highest rooftop lounge bar in the country. It’s certainly worth a visit and the cost is every bit justified!

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  • 06Ahmednagar Fort,Ahmednagar

    The Ahmednagar Fort is a major attraction in Ahmednagar. The founder of the city of Ahmednagar, Ahmed Nizam Shah, built the Ahmednagar Fort sometime during the 15th and 16th Century. The fort has tall walls, 18 m high, which are supported by 22 bastions. It has 24 citadels, 30 m wide.

    It served as a prison to accommodate captured enemy soldiers. It was also used to imprison several leaders of the Indian National Congress during the Quit India Movement. The famous book authored by Jawaharlal Nehru – The Discovery of India – was written here.

    The Ahmednagar Fort underwent plenty of renovations under the Nizami King’s reign during the period of 1559 to 1562. It is presently under the maintenance of the Military Command of India.

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  • 07Ajinkyatara Fort,Satara

    The Ajinkyatara Fort – located on top of the Ajinkyatara Mountain - stands tall at an altitude of 1006 m above sea level. Placed in the district of Sangli, this fort is also known as the Fort of Sapta Rishi.The Fort was built under Raja Bhoj who belonged to the Shilar Dynasty.

    It was constructed in the memory of the Martyrs of the 1857 Independence Movement. One can see this fort from the Yateshwar Hill, which is about 5 km away. The view from atop the fort is mesmerizing, offering you a panoramic scene of the entire horizon of Satara City.

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  • 08Amala Wildlife Sanctuary,Khodala

    Amala Wildlife Sanctuary

    The Amala Wildlife Sanctuary is sprawled over a massive area of 15 acres and is home to some really rare species of flora and fauna found in the Sahyadri Ranges. Situated in Khodala, it is home to a varied species of animals, birds and plants alike.

    Amongst the many animals that are spotted here, the Wild Boar, the Antelopes, the Bison, the Hyena and Jackals and Monkeys are a few exciting ones to look out for. The wide variety of birds found here include Orioles, Robins and Magpies, amongst many other species.

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  • 09Ambarazi Lake,Nagpur

    Ambarazi Lake

    Ambazari Lake is a prime tourist attraction in Nagpur. Sprawled on an area of around 15 sq km, the lake serves as a scenic holidaying spot.

    It is bordered by a beautiful garden with a musical fountain right in the centre. A hotspot for all children gaming activities, it is a delightful place for little kids. There’s a mini train, boating facilities and many swings and rides.

    The garden also has walking tracks for people to take their morning walks beside the pretty scenery that the quiet, clear lake offers.

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  • 10Ambadevi Temple,Amravati

    Ambadevi Temple

    The Ambadevi Temple is devoted to Goddess Ambadevi and is located in the heart of the city of Amravati at Gandhi Square. This ancient, spiritual temple finds its mention in ancient gazetteers and it is believed that Rukmini, daughter of King Bhishmak's, a day before her marriage to Shishupal, visited this temple. Lord Krishna is said to have abducted her from here and married her thereafter.

    Goddess Amba attracts innumerable devotees from all over the state who throng the temple during the festivals of Navratri and Dussehra. Along with the festive celebrations, a huge fair is organised on the temple grounds.

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  • 11Alibag Beach,Alibag

    The Alibag Beach – named after the town itself - is a must visit when you travel to Alibag. The Kolaba Fort is easily viewable from here.

    You will find the blackest possible sand in this beach. Like any other beach, it has food stalls where tourists can try local fast food recipes and enjoy coconut water while gazing into the sunset.

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  • 12Ambreshwar Shiva Temple,Thane

    Ambreshwar Shiva Temple

    The Ambreshwar Temple was made in the 11th Century as a dedication to Lord Shiva. The Shiva Temple is located in Ambarnath, at a distance of 26 km away from Thane. Ambarnath literally means ‘Lord of the Sky’. Built in 1060 AD by the then king of Shilahar Dynasty – King Mahamandaleshwar, this ancient temple is set on the banks of river Vadhuni, atop the slope of a barren hillock.

    The temple’s structure is intricately carved and follows the Hemandpathi style of architecture. It is made majorly in lime and black stone. The Temple’s hall entrance is approachable by three porches, one each in the North, South and West direction.

    The main entrance is via the west door which sees the idol of Nandi in the front. There are exquisitely carved images of Lord Shiva, his son Lord Ganpati, and his vehicular support, Nandi on the pillar walls.

    The main festival of Shivratri here is celebrated with great aplomb. This significant pilgrim centre of Ambarnath gets filled with thousands and thousands of worshippers and devotees on this occasion year after year. The temple monument is presently under the maintenance of the Archaeological Survey of India.

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  • 13Akshi Beach,Alibag

    Akshi Beach

    The Akshi Beach is yet another beach attraction found near Alibag. Located around 5 km away from Alibag, the Akshi Beach is an exotic beach and consists of pure silver-white sand. The beach is popular as a location for ad and film shoots.

    This beach proves to be an absolute delight for kids who can wade into the water and enjoy their time. There are many food stalls that can be found here. A walk by the beach proves to be an extremely romantic option, while watching the sunset with your loved ones is a prime contender too!

    The small village of Akshi itself is a pleasure to visit. The local fishermen there are nothing but warm. The place is not as crowded and one can spend a quite evening exploring this quaint little town.

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  • 14Amboli Falls,Amboli

    Amboli Falls

    The Amboli Falls is a fantastic tourist spot located in the city of Amboli. It attracts a lot of tourists annually. The spot is especially captivating during the monsoons when the water gushes in abundance and the surrounding greenery is in full bloom. The rains make the area around the waterfall misty and surreal. The period from June to October is a great time to visit this place.

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  • 15Aga Khan Palace,Pune

    The Aga Khan Palace is recognized because of its significance in the Indian Independence Movement. It was constructed by Sultan Mohammad Shah, Aga Khan III. The palace is located in the district of Pune.

    During the British rule, the Britishers held several of our freedom fighters and independence revolutionists imprisoned here. This is the very palace that Mahatma Gandhi along with his wife Kasturba Gandhi was held in prison, right after the Quit India Movement in 1942.

    This palace is replete with memorials built in memory of our great Indian fighters and develops a sense of pride in us. They can be seen near the Mula River that flows beneath.

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