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Lakshadweep Weather

Lakshadweep Islands are the place to be if humid tropical weather is your thing. The Lakshadweep Islands are best towards the end of the monsoons to right before the peak of the next summers. The weather from August to March is perfect and temperatures stay very comfortable between 22 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius.


Peak summer temperatures at the Lakshadweep islands can be in excess of 32 degrees Celsius which along with the humidity makes for an uncomfortable experience unless you have a huge appetite for tropical sandy weather. If not, it’s probably best you visit the Lakshadweep islands before or after the peak summer month of May


The Lakshadweep islands are right on the approach path of the South West monsoon current that perpetually feeds the entire Indian Subcontinent. Hence, it’s obvious that Lakshadweep receives heavy bursts of rain all throughout the monsoon months and also some during the retreating monsoons. It’s always excessively windy on the islands during the monsoons season.


Lakshadweep doesn’t really witness harsh winters at all. The winters see a marginal drop in temperatures but put together with the beach experiences and the other outdoor activities makes for an amazing combination. Winter temperatures in the evening can be as low as 20 degrees Celsius sometimes, ideal for a beachside bonfire and a barbecue.