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Krishnanagar Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Krishnanagar

  • 01Rajbari Palace

    Rajbari Palace

    For a sense of true royalty, head over to Rajbari palace, which isn’t too far from Krishnanagar. The structure reminds you of a Rajasthani kothi but is essentially wrapped in terracotta architecture. This was the palace of Maharaja Krishnachandra and is truly one of the most beautiful attractions in and around Krishnanagar.

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  • 02Roman Catholic Church

    Roman Catholic Church

    The Roman Catholic Church at Krishnanagar is famous for its dictinctive and appealing architecture. It stands out and tourists of all races, religious and ethnicities frequent this church that explains the life and time of Christ through paintings and carvings in the walls. The compound also houses a protestant church.

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  • 03Ghurni


    If you head to Ghurni, it's got to be for the ethnic shopping prospects. They say Maharaja Krishnachandra of Krishnanagar was very font of earthen dolls and eatherware in general. Ghurni is the place to be if you want to pick some beautiful souvenirs for gifting yourself or to redecorate your home. The shopkeepers are very supportive with packing and make sure you get your purchase home in one piece. Try picking up one of the signature horses that can be dismantled for transportation.

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