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Konark Weather

The best time to visit Konark is from the months of October to March when the weather is pleasant.


Konark experiences a typical tropical climate. The summer months are hot and humid and the maximum temperature being 40° Celsius. Due to the scorching summer temperature tourists are advised to avoid visiting the place during the summer season, which begins from March and continues till June.


Monsoon in Konark starts from the July and extends till the end of September or the beginning of October. The south west monsoon starts frequent spells of rain in June and brings relief to everyone. July and August receive the maximum rainfall. Temperature falls to about 25° Celsius during the monsoon season.


Winter in Konark is a pleasant season. Winter begins in the month of October and continues till the end of February. The mercury level falls down and reaches a minimum of 12° Celsius during the months of December and January. Tourists are advised to carry woollen clothes while visiting Konark during this period.