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Places to Visit Near Kolkata | Weekend Getaways from Kolkata

  • 01Mayapur, West Bengal

    Mayapur – The Spiritual Capital

    Mayapur has been dubbed the spiritual capital of the state and it is in every sense of the name worth its tag. The ISKCON temple at Mayapur for years has attracted tourists from......

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    Distance from Kolkata
    • 145 km - 2 Hrs 40 mins
  • 02Digha, West Bengal

    Digha – On The Shores

    For ages, Digha has been a great weekend getaway for residents of Kolkata, Kharagpur and other small towns around the coast of the state of West Bengal. Digha is close to......

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    Distance from Kolkata
    • 181 km - 3 Hrs 17 mins
    Best Time to Visit Digha
    • Oct- Jan
  • 03Mayurbhanj, Odisha

    Mayurbhanj – Solace In The Lap Of Nature

    Tourism in Mayurbhanj is bolstered by the unsurpassed sights and sounds on offer. The festivals that are celebrated with a peerless fervor and spirit draw crowds from far and......

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    Distance from Kolkata
    • 254 Km - 3 Hrs 41 mins
    Best Time to Visit Mayurbhanj
    • Sept-Mar
  • 04Santiniketan, West Bengal

    Santiniketan - Bengal's Heritage 

    Popularly known for its literary background, Santiniketan is located around 180 kilometres north of Kolkata in the Birbhum district of West Bengal. Rabindranath Tagore, the......

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    Distance from Kolkata
    • 1.1 km - 3 mins
  • 05Murshidabad, West Bengal

    Murshidabad – The Seat Of Nawabs

    Murshidabad, originally called Makhsudabad, is a city in the large Murshidabad district in the state of West Bengal in India. It is one of the most densely populated regions in......

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    Distance from Kolkata
    • 224 km - 4 Hrs 16 mins
    Best Time to Visit Murshidabad
    • Nov-Jan
  • 06Bakkhali, West Bengal

    Bakkhali – The Beautiful Seaside

    Bakkhali is situated in the South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. It is an ideal getaway from city life, a place to wedge out and enjoy the weather and the views it......

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    Distance from Kolkata
    • 137 km - 2 Hrs 49 mins
  • 07Sundarbans, West Bengal

    Sundarbans - A UNESCO World Heritage Site

    The Sundarbans is a huge Mangrove reserve that is split between India and Bangladesh. Although a large part of the national park lies in Bangladesh, the one third that lies in......

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    Distance from Kolkata
    • 2.7 km - 8 mins
  • 08Durgapur, West Bengal

    Durgapur - The Steel City Of West Bengal

    Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, the second Chief Minister of West Bengal envisaged a steel city, a giant industrial town to compete with the neighbouring states which lead to the......

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    Distance from Kolkata
    • 168 km - 2 Hrs 32 mins
  • 09Kharagpur, West Bengal


    Kharagpur – The Railway Town

    Known for its long railway platform, the third longest in the country, Kharagpur for ages has been a premier education centre in India and houses the famous Indian Institute of......

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    Distance from Kolkata
    • 131 km - 2 Hrs 7 mins
  • 10Mukutmanipur, West Bengal

    Mukutmanipur – A Serene Town

    Mukutmanipur is a town located near the West Bengal–Bihar border and is famous for the Mukutmanipur Dam which is the largest earth water reservoir in India having been......

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    Distance from Kolkata
    • 209 km - 3 Hrs 50 mins
  • 11Jhargram, West Bengal

    Jhargram - For A Tranquil And Serene Getaway

    Tranquillity is the best way to describe Jhargram, a southern city in West Bengal. Situated in the midst of lush forests and red soil, a trip to Jhargram doesn’t burn too......

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    Distance from Kolkata
    • 172 km - 2 Hrs 38 mins
  • 12Tarapith, West Bengal


    Tarapith – The Tantric Temple Town

    Tarapith in the Birbhum district of West Bengal is a temple town famed for its tantric temple, devoted to the goddess Tara who is a manifestation of Shakti – the divine......

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    Distance from Kolkata
    • 219 km - 3 Hrs 53 mins
  • 13Hooghly, West Bengal

    Hooghly – A Cultural Hub

    Hooghly, also known as Hugli or Hooghly-Chuchura, is one of the few places in India that features remnant culture-based influences of several civilizations like Portuguese,......

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    Distance from Kolkata
    • 54.2 km - 1 Hrs 19 mins
  • 14Kamarpukur, West Bengal


    Kamarpukur – A Handicraft Haven

    Located in the centre of the state, the village of Kamarpukur is popularly associated as the birthplace of Ramakrishna after whom several educational bodies are named today. He......

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    Distance from Kolkata
    • 96.4 km - 1 Hrs 51 mins
  • 15Sagar Island, West Bengal

    Sagar Island – An Island Paradise

    What do you get when you take an island paradise and make it a place of religious importance? Lots and lots of tourist and a bustling holiday and pilgrimage place; that’s......

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    Distance from Kolkata
    • 118 km - 2 Hrs 37 mins
    Best Time to Visit Sagar Island
    • Nov-Mar
  • 16Bankura, West Bengal


    Bankura - The Land Of Hills And Temples

    Over recent years with the penetration of tourism into West Bengal getting deeper into the state, Bankura Township, which is now actually a mini city, has seen a significant......

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    Distance from Kolkata
    • 173 km - 3 Hrs 7 mins
  • 17Howrah, West Bengal

    Howrah - Blend Of Heritage With Innovation

    Much like the twin cities that have sprouted around most metropolitans in India, Howrah is Kolkata’s twin city in the Indian state of West Bengal. However, what makes......

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    Distance from Kolkata
    • 16.8 km - 30 mins
  • 18Haldia, West Bengal


    Haldia – The Saviour Port

    For ages, Haldia has been used as a viable seaport for Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal. Kolkata’s waters being too shallow for large ships, owing to silting,......

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    Distance from Kolkata
    • 122 km - 2 Hrs 11 mins
  • 19Barasat, West Bengal


    Barasat – A Cultural Hub

    Barasat is proximate to an international airport, close to the national capital Kolkata; it is a hub for Bengali culture, bustling during Durga and Kali Puja, an ideal place for......

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    Distance from Kolkata
    • 23.2 km - 41 mins
  • 20Midnapore, West Bengal


    Midnapore – The Pilgrim’s Spot

    Originally part of the Kalinga Empire, Midnapore is a place famous for having produced some formidable freedom fighters during the British Raj in India. Today, this town located......

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    Distance from Kolkata
    • 128 km - 2 Hrs 5 mins
  • 21Kalna, West Bengal

    Kalna - The Land Of Temples And Historical Monuments

    Kalna, also known as Ambika Kalna, is a town in West Bengal dedicated to Goddess Kali, also known as Maa Ambika or Mother Ambika. It is a place of religious importance to Hindus......

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    Distance from Kolkata
    • 92.2 km - 1 Hrs 48 mins
  • 22Tajpur, West Bengal


    Tajpur – The Seaside

    Ever wished you would find one of those serene places with not a soul in sight and a personal sea beach at your disposal? Tajpur is one of those secluded, nature destinations......

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    Distance from Kolkata
    • 104 km - 1 Hrs 52 mins
    Best Time to Visit Tajpur
    • Oct-Jan
  • 23Nabadwip, West Bengal

    Nabadwip – The Nine Islands

    Nabadwip in Bengali means nine islands and is an eastern town in the state of West Bengal and is close to Bangladesh. The names of the islands are as follows; Antardwip,......

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    Distance from Kolkata
    • 119 km - 2 Hrs 13 mins
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