Chinese Fishing Nets, Kochi

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The Chinese Fishing Nets owe their origin to China, as the name suggests. These fishing nets were first introduced in India in Kochi by Chinese traveler Zheng He. These nets were first set up in the Cochin Harbor sometime in the fourteenth century and have been in use ever since. The beaches of Vypeen Island and Fort Kochi are lines with the Chinese fishing nets. The singularity of these nets lies in the fact that they are suspended in mid-air resembling hammocks. The nets hang by poles that are prepared from bamboo or teak woods. These fishing nets are called Cheenavala in local language.

The fishing style of the Chinese nets is very different from that of the traditional nets. Raising the Chinese fishing nets require the help of at least six men if not more. Tourists throng to the beaches to catch a glimpse of the Chinese fishing nets and to try their hand at fishing!


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