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Kasargode Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Kasargode

  • 01Malik Deenar Mosque

    Malik Deenar Mosque

    Malik Deenar Mosque is a landmark monument which marks the establishment of the religion, Islam, in Kasargode. It is founded by Malik Ibin Deenar who is said to have brought Islam for the first time in India.

    It is an important point of pilgrimage not only for Indian Muslims but also for the Muslims all over the world, especially the west coast. Every year, a grand festival is organized in the Mosque to commemorate the arrival of Malik Ibn Dinar. This festival is attended by devotees from all over India.

    The architecture of the mosque is in typical traditional Kerala style and not Islamic in its design .It is well maintained, scenic and attractive. The mosque is a source of rich heritage and culture and thus is a must see for not only Muslims but also everyone interested in history, evolution, culture and architecture.

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  • 02Madiyan Kulam Temple

    Madiyan Kulam Temple

    Madiyan Kulam Temple in Hosdurg, near Kasargode is a tourist destination mainly because it is dedicated to the goddess of bravery, ‘Bhadrakali’. The temple is located 5 km from the headquarters of Hosdurg taluk, Kanhangad. It is also the northern most part of Kerala.

    Even though, the chief deity at the Madiyan Kulam Temple is Bhadrakali other dieties such as Bhagavathi, Kshetrapalan and Bhairavan are also worshipped here. The specialty of this temple is that a Brahmin priest observes Pooja in the noon, while a sect of Hindus called the Maniyanis perform the Pooja during the mornings and evenings.

    Festivals are major attractions of this temple. The festivals are conducted usually during the months of May and June and also during December and January. Among many religious rituals, ‘Bootham’ a celebrated form of dance is the highlight of the festival.

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  • 03Govinda Pai Memmorial

    Govinda Pai Memmorial

    Govinda Pai Memmorial is a heritage building dedicated to a renowned Kannada poet, M. Govinda Pai. Kasargode has given birth to, nourished, nurtured many artists and poets but the name which has most significantly made history is that of M. Govinda Pai.

    He is one of the renowned Kannada poets and was honoured with the title, ‘Poet Laureate’ by the former Madras Government. He is also known as the Rashtra Kavi. He is the greatest of the modern poets. The memorial built in his memory in his hometown Manjeshwar is a tourist destination for many literature lovers as well as for tourists.

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