Pranmalai Seik Oliyulla Darga, Karaikudi

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Pranmalai Seik Oliyulla Darga holds religious significance for the Muslims. The Darga is located about 40 km from the town of Karaikudi.

Many tourists, regardless of their religion, visit the dargah every year because it is believed that those who worship and pray at the dargah get their wishes fulfilled. Many people also come to the dargah after their wishes have been granted.

The dargah is open to all and the local population of Karaikudi and the surrounding areas visit the dargah in large numbers every day. According to local beliefs if you pray at the dargah diligently then you can have any wish fulfilled including being blessed with children, getting a job, finding a suitable bride/groom or even for getting rid of the negative energy in your life. Many people suffering from various diseases and ill-health also pray at the dargah for their faster recovery. There are many testimonies to this and locals will tell you real stories of real people who have been blessed with good fortune and good health after visiting the dargah.

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