Kaviarsar Kannadhsan Mani Madapam, Karaikudi

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Kaviarsar Kannadhsan Mani Madapam is a small structure that has been built in the memory of famous Tamil poet Kavi Arasar Kannadasan who was born in Sirukooldalpatti, a sleepy village near Karaikudi. He was a man who is believed to have changed the face of Tamil literature with his revolutionary writings. He also had great oratorical skills and would mesmerize his audience when he took the stage.

He contributed not only to Tamil literature but also to the Tamil film industry by writing songs that became very popular. Many of his writings also found their way into Tamil magazines since he also wrote political satires. His writings have taken on an iconic stature in state of Tamil Nadu because he gave the Tamilians the voice that they were lacking. In his works, he spoke about the problems of the common people; their fears as well as their joys.

The Nagarthars built a mandapam for him to honor the man who made their community known all over the country.

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