Katramala, Kandhamal

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Katramal is located 35 km away from Phulbani. Katramal is a place of exquisite natural bounties. It boosts a waterfall which perches among the lush green wood and falls into a pool of water. Roads to Katramal are generally bumpy and rough with lots of uncovered stones and pebbles all around. The drive can be enthralling and exhausting as well. But ones reaching the spot one can easily get spellbound by the magnificent natural beauty.

The striking feature of this place is the fishes that dwell inside the pool  jump out of the water into the air to catch the food in the close vicinity. Several tourists marvel this sight throwing biscuits or puffed rice into the pool. Katramal is densely surrounded with tall trees of all kind that have grown around the rocky hills. This breathtaking hinterland is one of the favourite getaways for tired souls.

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