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Kalady - The Miraculous Footprint


Kalady is a village located near the Periyar river. The village is geographically located in Ernakulam, Kerala. It is the birthplace of Adishankara, the great saint who established the doctrine of Non-dualism or Advaita Vedanta School of the Hindu philosophy. It is a very popular destination for pilgrims from all over India, especially the followers of Adishankara.

A temple for Adishankara was built in the year 1910. Kalady means footprint, the village was formerly known as Sasalam. The centenary of Kalady was also celebrated and widely covered by the media in the year 2010.

An Interesting Legend - Tourist Places In And Around Kalady

This town has legendary beginnings with stories about Adi Shankara and his mother. The Periyar river was earlier known as the 'Purna' river. It is said that the river was far off from where Shankara and his mother stayed. One day the mother fainted while on her way to her daily bath. Helpless Shankra prayed to Lord Krishna who heard his prayers and blessed him.

Lord Krishna told him that where he has left his little feet’s mark, a river would flow. As a result of the blessings, the river began to flow near little Shankara’s garden. Then Shankara built a small temple for Krishna and recited the famous Atchutha Ashtakam.

The main attraction of this place is temples and ashrams made in his memory which include the Ramakrishna Ashram, Kallil Devi Temple, Srinegri Mutt Complex, Mahadeva Temple, Vanamoorthy Temple, Kuzuppillkkave Jaladurga Temple.

The Best Time To Visit Kalady

The best season to visit this place is from August to March when the temperatures are cooler. Kalady is well connected by air, road and rail to all major cities of South India. 

Kalady is Famous for

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How to Reach Kalady

  • By Road
    Bus services are also available from Kerala to Kalady. The Kerala State Road Transport Corporation operates many buses which commute to and fro Kalady. The availability Private bus also make travelling by road a happy experience. The Super Deluxe buses connect Kalady to other major south Indian cities
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  • By Train
    The nearest railway station is in Aluva which is 18 km from Kalady , and is connected to all the major Indian cities like Chennai, Bangalore , Delhi and Mumbai. Trains from all major cities have a stopover here. Travelling by train is far cheaper.
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  • By Air
    The Nearest Airport to Kalady is the Kochi Airport at a distance of 7 km. This airport is connected to all the major airports in India and many cities abroad. Private taxis are available from the airport at a cheaper rate.
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