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Junnar Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Junnar

  • 01Shivneri Fort

    The Shivneri Fort, situated near Junnar, is popular for its architectural style and is more famously known as the birthplace of the great Maratha Warrior – Shivaji Maharaj. Shivaji was not only born in this very fort in 1630 but also took his military training here.

    Tourists will be amused at the idea of crossing seven gates before they actually enter the main fort. In the Fort’s premises, there also exists a small water pond called Badami Talav, located right in the centre of the fort. The idol of Shivaji’s mother, Jijabai and Shivaji can be observed here.

    There is a temple that lies in the proximity of the fort that is dedicated to Goddess Shivani and a must watch while you are here.

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  • 02Junnar Caves

    Junnar Caves

    The Junnar Caves are located in the Aurangabad District of Maharashtra and are a major tourist attraction. Found in and around the 2nd Century and 3rd Century AD, the caves are a famous spot between archaeologists and history buffs who visit the place to explore the various cave sculptures and images.

    The three major parts that the Junnar Caves are divided in are – the Manmodi Hill Group, the Ganesh Lena Group and the Tulja Lena Group. The Manmodi Hill Group is located on the hills that have the same name, and is popular for its architectural work and designs while the Tulja Lena Group is famous for its Chaitya Hall, with its fantastic circular dome ceiling.

    The Ganesh Lena Group is about 4 km away from Junnar, towards the south, and constitutes of various Viharas and cells – the Sixth Chaitya Cave and Ganesh Lena Cave amongst which are the most popular ones.

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