Dhekiakhowa Namghar, Jorhat

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Dhekiakhowa Bornamghar is one of the most revered religious destinations in Jorhat. It was established by saint-reformer Madhavdeva, a disciple of Srimanta Sankardeva at a small village which was later named as Dhekiakhowa.

It is believed that while touring these parts with the idea to reform people, Madhavdeva stopped at a small, unknown village. He asked for shelter at a very poor and old woman’s house. Because of her poverty, she could only offer the great saint rice with Dhekia Saak (a nutritious and easily available leafy vegetable). He was so impressed with the food that he decided to set up namghar (prayer house) in the village. Eventually, the place got its name as Dhekiakhowa (khowa meaning eating).

Dhekiakhowa Bornamghar is located about 15 kilometres from Jorhat city and 3.5 kilometres from the National Highway 37. Huge number of devotees visits the Bornamghar every day and the number increases during the month of Bhado (August-September).

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