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  • 01Bastar Palace

    Bastar Palace

    Bastar Palace is another historical remain that is seen in Jagdalpur. It was the headquarters of Bastar Kingdom. It was built by the rulers of Bastar state when the capital of Bastar Kingdom had been shifted from Barsur to Jagdalpur. At present the royal family of Bastar is residing there.

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  • 02Kanger Ghati National Park

    Kanger Ghati National Park

    Kanger Ghati National Park, located near Jagdalpur, is one of the most popular national parks in Chhattisgarh. It is easily accessible from Jagdalpur as can be seen on the road network map of the area.

    It is named after the Kanger river, which flows centrally from north-west to south-east direction. The park was established on 22 July 1982 with the purpose of preserving the biodiversity on the region and protecting the vast species of flora and fauna.  

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  • 03Chitrakoot Falls

    Chitrakote Falls is also referred to as the Niagara Falls of India and has got the distinction of being the broadest waterfalls in India. It is located 38 km from Jagdalpur and is accessible only by road. The falls is listed amongst the most popular waterfalls in Chhattisgarh. The strikingly beautiful falls showcases immense natural beauty amidst the densely forested surroundings.

    The waterfalls is located near Jagdalpur, in Bastar district in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh on Indravati river. The waters of the river flowing through dense vegetation and cascading from a height of about 95 feet is a treat to watch and attracts thousands of tourists. The breadth of the waterfalls varies according to the season and goes down drastically in the summers. The most spectacular views of Chitrakote Falls can be seen during the monsoon season when the river flows in its full fury and touches both the banks; it is filled with silt.

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  • 04Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple

    Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple

    Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple in Jagdalpur is a result of dedicated, loving and tireless efforts of the members of Andhra Association. The temple reaches out to serve spiritual, cultural and social dimensions of the society. The construction of the Balaji Temple in Jagdalpur has been a dream come true for many devotees who can now have a hassle-free darshan of the lord in proximity to their homes. Everyday, devotees throng to this sacred shrine of Lord Balaji also known as Sri Venkateswara Swamy, the all-pervading lord of the universe.  

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  • 05Indravati National Park

    Indravati National Park is named after the nearby Indravati river. It is regarded as one of the finest and topmost wildlife parks of Chhattisgarh. The park is renowned for its wide ranging species of animals, birds and reptiles. Indravati National Park was declared a national park in 1981, and later on, under the famous Project Tiger of India, got the status of a tiger reserve in 1983. It is the only tiger reserve in the tribal state of Chhattisgarh.

    The main attraction in the park is the rare wild buffalo as well as the swamp deer. The park attracts thousands of wildlife enthusiasts who come here to get a view of the wild herbivores grazing the grasslands of the park. The park also serves as a refuge to a number of bird species. The best season to visit the park is during the months of December through June.

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  • 06Danteshwari Temple

    Danteshwari Temple

    Located around 84 km from Jagdalpur city is the famous and sacred temple of Mai Danteshwari, a local goddess, worshipped as an incarnation of Shakti. This temple is believed to possess several divine powers. Every year during Dussehra, thousands of tribals from surrounding villages and jungles gather here to pay homage to the goddess. Danteshwari Temple was built in the 14th century by the Chalukya kings in South Indian style of temple architecture.

    The idol of Danteshwari Mai is chiseled out of black stone. The temple is divided into four parts, such as garbhagriha, maha mandap, mukhya mandap and sabha mandap. Garbhagriha and maha mandap were constructed with stone pieces. There is a Garuda pillar in front of the entrance of the temple. The temple itself is located in a spacious courtyard surrounded by massive walls. The shikhara is adorned with sculptural finery.

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  • 07Teerathgarh Falls

    It is located around 38 km from Jagdalpur in the renowned ecotourism site of Kanger Valley National Park. The scenic Teerathgarh Falls is one of the most magnificent waterfalls in Chhattisgarh. Water cascading from the beautiful hills surrounding the falls provides splendid views. Splashing streams of water come down at an incredible speed from a height of more than 100 feet on the river Mugabahar, which originates in a lake not very far away from this point. The area surrounding the fall features lush-green forests that enhance the beauty of the falls.

    The water flowing through the various streams and crossing numerous paths along the way and finally ending up in the falls is a treat to watch. Besides the natural beauty associated with this place, Teerathgarh Falls is also an important religious place featuring a temple which is dedicated to Shiva and Parvati. Every year thousands of tourists and devotees come here from within the state and rest of India to get spectacular views of Teerathgarh Falls as well as to offer prayers at the temple. The best season to visit this place is in the months of October through February.

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  • 08Chitradhara Waterfall

    Chitradhara Waterfall

    Chitradhara Waterfall is located just 19 km from Jagdalpur in Chhattisgarh on the way to Chitrakoot Falls. It is one of the best sightseeing and weekend vacation destinations in the centrally located state of Chhattisgarh. The scenic beauty associated with this place ranks it amongst the most popular outdoor destinations in Bastar district. It lies near a small and serene village called Potanar and attracts thousands of tourists from within the state and rest of the country. It has become one of the best picnic spots where families and friends come to enjoy the outdoors and watch the gushing waters cascading down the hill at high speed.

    The sound of water flowing through the river and splashing into the air after hitting the ground provides a delightful experience, especially during the monsoon season. The natural beauty of this place along with the dense forests and pristine waters of the lake ranks this place amongst the top ecotourism sites in Chhattisgarh. Monsoon is the best season to visit here.

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  • 09Mandawa Waterfalls

    Mandawa Waterfalls

    Mandawa Waterfall is located in a place called Mandawa off the NH-16 (Jagdalpur-Geedam Road), around 31 km away from Jagdalpur. At Mandawa, the stream of water flows stepwise and falls from a height of 70 feet to make a beautiful cascade called Mandawa Waterfall.

    The water from this waterfall collects there in a small reservoir and flows downstream meeting Kanger river forming two other waterfalls i.e., Teerathgarh and Kanger Dhara. Due to its flat top and adjacent horizontal rocks, it offers a good view.  

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  • 10Tamra Ghoomar Waterfalls

    Tamra Ghoomar Waterfalls

    Tamra Ghoomar Falls is located at around 45 km from Jagdalpur. It is very close to the Chitrakoot Falls. This is a recently discovered waterfall with a height of more than 100 feet and is generally formed in the rainy season. There are green fields on either side of this waterfall. Just like Chitrakoot and Teerathgarh waterfalls, the stunningly beautiful Tamra Ghoomar Falls is another natural wonder and a scenic spot near Chitrakoot.

    The natural beauty of the area featuring lush-forested lands, deep valleys and magnificent hills attracts tourists towards it. Even though the waterfalls lies in a secluded location, numerous tourists make it a point to come here for picnicking and to enjoy the natural wonders with their families and friends. It is indeed one of the best ecotourism destinations in Chhattisgarh. The area surrounding the falls is rich in natural attractions and the best way to explore this place is to trek or take a scenic drive.

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  • 11Dalpat Sagar Lake

    Dalpat Sagar Lake

    Dalpat Sagar Lake is located within Jagdalpur. It is one of the biggest artificial lakes in Chhattisgarh. It was built by Raja Dalpat Deo Kakatiya over 400 years ago to harvest rainwater. There is an old temple located at the centre island of Dalpat Sagar. The temple is of the local deity. As it is located on an island, one will have to take a paddle boat or fishing boat to reach there.

    One should come here as it is a wonderful experience to stand on an island and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. To enjoy Dalpat Sagar, government of Chhattisgarh has arranged the facilities of paddle boats and motor boats. The government of Chhattisgarh has also built an island on Dalpat Sagar so that people can sit, relax and enjoy the beauty of the lake.

    The island is enriched with coconut trees, a light tower and a musical fountain. One can also sit in the island and spend hours enjoying the view and the sunset. The musical fountain adds to the beauty of the island and has attracted many tourists to the place.  

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  • 12Kailash Caves

    Kailash Caves are located in the Kanger Valley National Park area near Mikulwada. The caves are located around 40 km from Jagdalpur. Discovered in 1993, the caves are around 250 metres long and are situated at an altitude of 40 metres above the ground level. It features stalactite and stalagmite formations that offer stunning sights.

    Access to the cave is through a narrow opening and at the end of the cave is a huge stalagmite formation in the shape of a Shivalinga. The hollow walls of the cave, when struck by hand, make incredible musical sounds.  

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  • 13Anthropological Museum

    Anthropological Museum

    Anthropological Museum in Jagdalpur was established in the year 1972 with the sole purpose of providing a fascinating insight into the cultures and lifestyles of Bastar tribes. The museum is located at a distance of 4 km from the Jagdalpur city centre and houses a fine collection of of numerous objects of ethnographic interest.

    Some of the rare collections found at the museum include headgears, footwear, ornaments, musical instruments, dresses, paintings, wood carvings, weapons, masks, art work, sculptures and a wide variety of objects that were used in daily life. It is one of the top tourist attractions in Chhattisgarh that serves as a window to the lifestyles and ethnic cultures of various tribes in Bastar.

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  • 14Kanger Dhara

    Kanger Dhara

    Kanger Dhara is located inside the Kanger Valley National Park, 36 km from Jagdalpur. For reaching Kanger Dhara, one should get the applicable permission and tickets from the District Forest Office located at the entry of the park. The best season for visiting the park is from winters up to summers, after which the park closes for the tourists - from the beginning of monsoons in the month of July.

    Being in the laps of Kanger Valley, Kanger Dhara waterfalls is actually produced by the Kanger river due to presence of undulating rocks present there. Geologists suggest that the area was a sedimentary terrain, later intruded by igneous rock bodies, due to which the area has got such folded structures.

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  • 15Kotumsar Caves

    Kotumsar Caves

    Kotumsar Caves are situated at a distance of about 40 km from Jagdalpur. These caves have got the distinction of being India's first and the world's second longest natural caves. As they are underground, there is pitch darkness inside. It features stalactites and stalagmites formations. Entry to the caves is through the narrow stairs and visitors have to pass through tall, narrow chambers to gain access to the main hall that features superb acoustics. Lots of tribal tales are also associated with it and are also known as Gupanpal or Kutamsar Caves.

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