Samban- Lei-Sekpil, Imphal

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Sambal- Lei-Sekpil Garden is a popular tourist attraction located 5 kilometres from the Imphal city centre. The Garden is famous for being home to the Samban-Lei Sekpil, a shrub which is 61 feet tall. Because of the astounding height of the shrub it has been recorded in the Limca Book of Records in 1991 and the Guinness Book of Records in 1999. Sambam Lei is a Manipuri word where ‘Samban’ means fencing while ‘Lei’ means flower.

The Samban-Lei Sekpil is botanically known as Duranta Repens Linn, a popular shrub found in Manipur. The shrub was found by Moirangthem Okendra Kumbiin 1983 and named it Samban Lei as these kinds of shrubs are popularly used for fencing houses in Manipur.

Initially the plant was moved around for public exhibitions, but as it grew in size, moving it became difficult and was thus placed permanently in the gardens. The shrub is also known as sky flower.


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