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Hyderabad Weather

The best time to visit Hyderabad is of course in the winter months when it is neither too hot nor too cold to venture outside. In fact, during winters the days are rather warm and pleasant in Hyderabad making sightseeing fun and pleasurable. However, you must carry some form of warm clothing because it can become a little cold during the evening and at night.


Summer season in Hyderabad sees the temperature soaring to around 40 degrees Celsius. The hot and scorching summer sun makes it difficult to step outside the homes during day time. The summer sun not only leaves you with a terrible tan, but can also cause dehydration if one is not careful.


Monsoons in Hyderabad are a fun time, and the temperature comes down to a tolerable level though the humidity level in the atmosphere rises. Monsoons start towards the end of June and last until mid-September. The city experiences heavy showers during this time. Sight-seeing in Hyderabad is best avoided during monsoons because it makes the ground slippery.


Hyderabad does not experience chilly winters though late evenings and early mornings tend to be rather cool. However, one can beat the Hyderabad cold in a light jacket or pullover. The winters start in November and last until the end of January. The temperature dips down to 19 degrees Celsius during these months.