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Hoshangabad Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Hoshangabad

  • 01Satpura National Park

    Satpura National Park

    Satpura National Park, extensively known for its Tiger reserve provides habitat for a variety of flora and fauna. This place is considered as one of the best among the unexploited wildlife sanctuaries of India. It was set up initially with the motive of conserving the tigers.

    The park has a rugged terrain and comprises of deep valleys, waterfalls and narrow gorges. Moving around the park you should not be surprised to witness sandstone peaks, thickly dense green forest of Sal and the vast Tawa reservoir.

    On visiting the Satpura National Park, tourists are sure to have the opportunity of watching spotted deer, porcupines, tigers, leopards, marsh crocodiles, etc. Unique attractions include Black Buck and the Indian Giant Squirrel. The national park also has a wide number of birds which are wonderful to watch.

    Satpura National Park has an amazing collection of fauna which counts to over 1300 species of plants and also contains many medicinal plants. It is the only tiger reserve in the whole of central India offering Nature Walk.

    A group of 4 visitors are allowed to walk inside the tiger reserve, of course, with a trained wildlife expert ensuring their safety. The best time to visit this park is between January and June.

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  • 02Ramji Baba Samadhi

    Ramji Baba Samadhi

    Ramji Baba Samadhi is one of the major attractions of Hoshangabad. The Samadhi contains the shrine of Ramji Baba, a well followed saint. An annual fair hosted by local people at the Samadhi of Ramji Baba goes on for about a month. The Samadhi is visited by a huge number of devotees from near and far off places.

    Ramji Baba Samadhi is the epitome of maintained spiritual value among the residents of Hoshangabad. The visit to the Samadhi by people in a huge number, shows the presence of widespread followers of Ramji Baba not only across the state but also across the entire nation.

    Hence, a place of profound spiritual importance, Ramji Baba Samadhi increases the beauty of the city of Hoshangabad. Hoshangabad tourism is famous for Ramji Baba Samadhi and the annual fair.

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