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  • 01Rajrappa

    Rajrappa is a pilgrimage centre in Hazaribagh, located on the NH23 in Jharkhand where the famous Chhinnamasta Temple is located. It is a Shaktipith and on the bodies of Rati and Kamdeo stands the headless statue of Goddess Chhinamastika. This old temple is famous for its Tantrik style of architecture.

    Animal sacrifice is carried out in the Kali temples. Rajrappa is also a holy place for the tribal people, specially the Santhal tribe in Jharkhand. They visit the temple as yatris mostly in the month of December.

    It is an important pilgrimage for Hindus. People from Bihar and West Bengal visit here throughout the year. Rajrappa is also a popular picnic spot. The Rajrappa Waterfalls is a tourist spot. River Bhera along with river Damodar forms this 30 ft high waterfall. People can enjoy the sight of nature and magnificent rock formations and boat rides are also available.

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  • 02Tilaiya Dam

    Tilaiya Dam

    Located on the Barakar river, Tilaiya Dam is the first dam built by Damodar Valley Corporation. It was built in the year 1953 to control floods mainly. There is a hydro electric station here and a narrow gorge. The beautiful surroundings around the dam are a natural attraction for tourists. The area is surrounded by lush green forests. It is a famous picnic spot.

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  • 03Surajkund

    Surajkund is a hot spring located 60 km away from Hazaribagh. There are a total of five kunds named after the Indian deities, that is, Surya Kund, Ram Kund, Lakshmana Kund, Sita Kund and Brahm Kund. People believe that bathing in the spring water gives a therapeutic effect. The water temperature ranges between 169 and 190 degrees. Winter season is the ideal time to visit this place.

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  • 04Hazaribagh National Park

    Hazaribagh National Park

    Located 19 km away from Hazaribagh, Hazaribagh National Park has a rich and varied flora and fauna. This park is home to many animals like elephants, tigers, wild bear, panthers, spotted deer and a number of other varieties of species. One could be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the sloth bear.

    It is situated 111 km away from Ranchi. The park is designed in a strategic manner which provides ample opportunity to a tourist or a visitor to view all wild animals. There are many watchtowers so that animals and birds can be viewed easily.

    There is a food canteen inside the Park. The scenic beauty of the place attracts a large number of adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. The area is covered with dense tropical forests with a large variety of miscellaneous trees. A tribal population resides in the area.

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  • 05Canary Hill

    Canary Hill

    The beautiful Canary Hills are situated 3 km away from the city of Hazaribagh. There is a park which is well maintained by the authorities and small beautiful lakes are situated in the area. There is an observation tower from where tourists can enjoy the enticing view of nature's beauty as well as a view of the whole town.

    It is a popular picnic spot and people visit here throughout the year. The hills are surrounded by lush green forests. The government is planning to set up a tiger and a deer safari in this region.

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  • 06Narsigsthan Temple

    Narsigsthan Temple

    The Narsigsthan Temple near Hazaribagh is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Narsingh is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. In the garbagriha of the temple, there is a Shiva lingam.

    A large number of devotees visit the temple daily, and many ceremonies take place round the year. On the day of Kartik Purnima, a fair is held which is a major attraction. There are many other temples dedicated to various gods like Hanuman, Sun God, Kali and so on.

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  • 07Hazaribagh Lake

    Hazaribagh Lake is situated in the centre of the city of Hazaribagh. It is a picnic spot and boating facility is also available. One can enjoy the beautiful view of sunrise and sunset here.

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  • 08Isko Village

    Isko Village

    Isko Village is famous for its rock paintings which is said to be of the mid stone age. Archaeologists excavated the site and found that an ancient civilization used to reside in this area, and these paintings are 10,000 years old. One can see different motifs of various gods and goddesses on these rock carvings.

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  • 09Satpahar


    Satpahar is an archaeological site which is made of sandstone rocks and many rock paintings can be seen. It has seven triadic ranges and is renowned for its beautiful paintings in the whole world. Many animal motifs like spotted deer, cattle, grasshoppers, frogs, etc. have been used in the paintings. One can see numerous microliths at that place.

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  • 10Raj Derwah

    Raj Derwah

    Raj Derwah is a famous picnic spot inside the National Park. There is a forest bungalow which has facilities for cooking as well. A water tower is also there where one can get the beautiful view of the forest.

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  • 11Silwar Hill

    Silwar Hill

    The Silwar Hills are one of the famous picnic spots close by the town of Hazaribagh. It is also known as Jagannath Dham. A temple of Lord Jagannath is present here. The temple also has idols of Balbhadra and Subhadra. Every year during the Rath Yatra a grand mela or fair is held. Many devotees visit to take the blessings of Lord Jagannath throughout the year.

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  • 12Konar Dam

    Konar Dam

    Konar Dam, built on the river Konar is the second dam built by the Damodar Valley Corporation as a part of their four multipurpose dam projects. Now it's a picnic spot and one can enjoy the beauty of nature and sit and gaze at the greenery around. Grand Chord is the nearest railway station.

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