Santaleswara Temple, Halebid

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Travellers 'must visit' Santaleswara Temple, which is best known for various statues positioned next to each other, while passing by Halebid. Devoted to Lord Santaleswara and Lord Hoysaleswara, this temple faces east and is built on a raised platform. The statues placed here have been built using potstone, which is also called soft Soapstone. It has been named after Queen Santala, the wife of Vishnuvardhana Hoysala, who sanctioned the temple.

The sanctum of the temple has been constructed on a stellar plan and includes sukhanasi, navaranga and Nandi Mandapa. Santaleswara Temple has a Shiva lingam in the sanctum, along with beautifully decorated interiors and elegantly designed and complex exteriors. The outside walls of the temple showcase striking sculptures that are made out of stones. Tourists can also visit the museum that houses gold coins and antique sculptures. This museum is present within the premises of temple and exhibits numerous idols of mortals and immortals in black stone.

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