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Gulmarg Weather

Gulmarg experiences three major seasons which include summers, monsoons, and winters. Although summers are ideal for visiting the place, the monsoons and winters here have their own charm.


(March to May): Summers in Gulmarg are very pleasant. The season here starts from the month of March and continues till the month of May. During this time, the average temperature of Gulmarg ranges between 13℃ and 29℃ making it ideal for a visit.


(July to October): In Gulmarg, monsoons occurs between the months of July and October. The rainfall in this region is moderate. Travellers planning a trip to Gulmarg during this time must be prepared with rain gear.


(November to February): Winter season in Gulmarg extends from November to February. During this season the average temperature ranges between 2℃ to 9℃. Heavy snowfall is registered during this period, a signature of this place. Snow drifts of 12 m have also been recorded in this region. This season is perfect for adventure sports enthusiasts. Visitors can enjoy long-run skiing and snow boarding at this time.